Fotile JQG7501 Range Hood High Airflow 30’’ Under Cabinet Promotion on Mothers’ Day

You may not remember what did your mother look like when she was young, but you shall find that she is old now, with white hair and wrinkles. You then will wonder why your mother gets old.


Time? Yes, time turns a baby to a childern, and a young man to an old man. No one can escape the passing of time. Pressure? Right. She is a daughter, a mother and a member of the society. She has all kinds of difficulities and challenges to face, but she will smile to you when you are back home. Soot? Of course. There is statistic that indicates soot takes a great part in damaging women’s skin.

We cannot make time stop or solve all her issues, but we could give her best care from Fotile range hood JQG7501. 90° automatic fume baffle plate. It prevents the smoke from spreading effectively. 30” extra-wide fume inlet. It ensures the even pressure of suction in every angle. 54dB/2.64sones. The rhythm of the sound puts comfort in your mind. Powerful lights 500lux,oversized oil cup, folding oil filter.

The promotion for Fotile JQG7501 Range Hood is from 11th, May- 13th, May. Buy it and you can get a free gift of a Geekchef pressure cooker.


Aicooker Multi-functional Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3

Pasta makers, noodle makers as a new kind of kitchen appliances have a great vogue since they were brought to the world, especially to those who cannot live without pasta. But to make pasta on our own is not easy, good pasta makers are also of great significance. Today I’d like to introduce a powerful pasta maker: Aicooker Multi-functional Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3. Just follow my step to carefully get acquaintance with M3 pasta maker.

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