Soy Milk Maker Joyoung DJ13U-D91

When choosing soy milk maker, we always have these worries.Want soy milk maker to have nut milk function, but high-end soy milk makers are too expensive. Want soy milk maker to be beautiful with reasonable price, but too difficult. Want to rewarm the soymilk when it’s cold, want to easily clean the soy milk maker…….So many worries that you think that this kind of soy milk maker cannot be available. But today the soy milk maker Joyoung DJ13U-G91 will right trash your worries.

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Joyoung Soy milk makers comparison: which one is better?

Several days ago a reader asked me that which one is better from all those Joyoung soy milk makers sold by Huarenstore? And hope I can give a detailed comparison for her. I believe many readers have the same questions, and I will introduce them by different aspects.

Market Price

From the picture we  can see that the price is increased when the grinding technology is improving. And among them CTS-1078S, DJ12Q-A601SG and CTS-2038 are basic models, for they can just heat and grind soybeans, so the prices are cheaper.

And DJ13U-D08SG, DJ13Q-D609SG and DJ13M-D980SG later added turbulator, the blades and grinding technology have also changed, so the soybeans can be better ground.

The final two models DJ13U-81SG and DJ13M-D988SG changed the blade to three crystal steel wave knives, and the turbulator has also improved, so their grinding effects have improved a lot.

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