Tonze DDZ-16BWS Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot with Steam tray

Nowdays, health is becoming more and more significant. This influences every field of life, food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Food, as an important part of Chinese’s life, is espeically cherished. It includes not only eating healthily, but also choosing right cooking ways. TONZE, a famous brand in stew pots, ceramic pots, and etc., seeks for healthy cooking for a long time. Today we will introduce one of its ceramic stewpots: Tonze DDZ-16BWS Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot with Steam tray.

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Makoto Smart Multifunctional Electric Pot DYG-40AFW-100

Many readers asked me if we have a big size electric pot for restaurants or a big family. And now we can tell you that we really have one with 10 L capacity: Makoto smart multifunctional electric pot DYG-40AFW-100.

The outer is stainless steel material, durable to use and resistant to dirt. The glass is resistant to heat or crash, and you can know the whole cooking procedures. Want to know more details? Just follow me.

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In America Which Electric Stew Pot is The Latest

Electric stew pot is one of the practical kitchen appliances. American market has many electric stew pot products.We can classify them according to the Arand, Style, Function, Size,Appearance, Price and time to market . Then ,which is the latest electric stew pot in USA 2016? What characteristics does the latest electric stew pot had ? Ifthe latest electric stew pot can meet the needs for  users well ?


Tonze is first brand  electric stew pot in China , launched the latest products Tonze DGD22-22EG to  United States this year. This electric stew pot is very practical, when it pushed to the market,is populared by a lot of consumers.It with three ceramic inner, the largest is 2.2L, with biggerinner capacity ,  can be used for 2 – 4 person household .

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