Makoto Smart Multifunctional Electric Pot DYG-40AFW-100

Many readers asked me if we have a big size electric pot for restaurants or a big family. And now we can tell you that we really have one with 10 L capacity: Makoto smart multifunctional electric pot DYG-40AFW-100.

The outer is stainless steel material, durable to use and resistant to dirt. The glass is resistant to heat or crash, and you can know the whole cooking procedures. Want to know more details? Just follow me.

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In America Which Electric Stew Pot is The Latest

Electric stew pot is one of the practical kitchen appliances. American market has many electric stew pot products.We can classify them according to the Arand, Style, Function, Size,Appearance, Price and time to market . Then ,which is the latest electric stew pot in USA 2016? What characteristics does the latest electric stew pot had ? Ifthe latest electric stew pot can meet the needs for  users well ?


Tonze is first brand  electric stew pot in China , launched the latest products Tonze DGD22-22EG to  United States this year. This electric stew pot is very practical, when it pushed to the market,is populared by a lot of consumers.It with three ceramic inner, the largest is 2.2L, with biggerinner capacity ,  can be used for 2 – 4 person household .

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$5 off!! Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG has arrived!!

Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot has arrived finally! To thank the support of customers, now we offer $5 off to buy DGD22-22EG!

Stewpot/slow cooker is the common kitchen appliance, its features, convenient, delicious, healthy and nutritious, follow the tendency of pursuing healthy life among people. Tonze is the first brand of slow cooker, while DGD22-22EG is the best-selling slow cooker in North America. It has 9 cooking functions, meeting the requirements of families. It can stew different materials at the same time with twin inner pots in it, suitable for 2-4 people. The ceramic inner pot of fine texture is ideal for preparing delicious stews. It also has preset time function, to ensure your flexible cooking time.

120V Volt, item can be used directly in North America.

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5 reasons to choose Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot

This new generation of Electric Stew Pot hits the US market in 2015 with its brightest spot “double pot body” — stainless inner side surrounded by food grade plastic. We can’t wait to share with you its amazing benefits! Let’s show you 5 reasons to choose Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG.

No. 1   Zero plastic contact, better health.  TONZE Electric Stew Pot adopts 304 stainless steel which is durable and healthy, no worry about harmful substances in high temperature.

No.2 Materials combining design. Stainless steel inner pot is for superior heat conduction and plastic outside for anti-scald.

No. 3 The stainless steel inner pot is food grade and can be used for direct cooking.

No. 4 Toughened glass cover. Pressure proof, Better fit, Stewed process at a glance.

No. 5 6 in 1 . It can replace 6 cooking pots: baby pot, electric stew pot, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt machine and egg boiler.

Winter is the season of tonic. So we introduce you to the latest electric stewpot DGD22-22EG, click to buy: