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Joyoung Multifunction Noodle Maker|Sonya Automatic Noodle Maker

Sonya Noodle Maker SYNM-708MT, New Product Forecast

Sonya noodle maker SYNM-58MT attracted a lot of customers’ eyes, 6 die can make all kinds of noodles. Compared with Joyoung noodle maker,  Sonya SYNM-58MT is much cheaper. are going to release a new model — Sonya noodle maker SYNM-708MT, let’s take a look now!

Appearance: fashion atmosphere, highlighting the top technology.


Product structure diagram: The whole machine consists of the main engine and the mixing box. The machine is easy to assemble and disassemble.



Six die head: rough, fine flour, wide face, narrow face, hollow, serrated surface.


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New arrival, Sonya Automatic Noodle Maker SYNM-58MT

Sonya Noodle Maker not only has the characteristics of fast making noodle,  but also have a strong taste of handmade noodles. It is very suitable to make noodles at home.

Here’s an overview of the latest listing of Sonya automatic noodle maker SYNM-58MT.

Sonya automatic noodle maker machine SYNM-58MT with white clean appearance made of food-grade material, the use of more safe and secure.

Sonya Noodle Maker SYNM-58MT


1.  Automatic imitation of hand kneading, Kneading dough from six angles, and thousands rub. Screw extrusion, made out of noodles, noodle smooth, delicious al dente;

2. Green and healthy, additive-free, ready to enjoy fresh and healthy noodles;

3. Cover lock to prevent children open, more secure;

4. Pasta maker parts easily be disassembled,Easy to assemble,Easy to clean.

Sonya Noodle Maker SYNM-58MT 6 die


Sonya SYNM-58MT uses 120V rated voltage, can be used directly in the United States, Canada without a voltage converter.Sonya Noodle Maker SYNM-58MT Specifications

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Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M

2014 latest version Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M is one of the top-selling products. 

Homemade egg noodle recipe
Joyoung JYS-N6M Product Introduction Video:

Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M Features:

  • The most hot pasta maker, big brands and big security
  • Simple operation,Automatic noodle making in 20 minutes
  • Five Die can produce a variety of pasta(fettuccine, narrow, rough, thin face, hollow face, Longxumian, Sichuan dan dan noodles, Beijing noodles)
  • Automatic imitation of hand kneading, kneading dough from six angles, and thousands rub, screw extrusion, made ​​out of noodles, noodle smooth, delicious al dente.
  • Pasta maker parts easily be disassembled,Easy to assemble,Easy to clean.
  • North American 110V voltage direct plug to use, does not require the use of a transformer, easy to use.

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