Use Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG to make tasty soymilk

In American Life, a cup of hot soy milk will bring you a bright and sweet mood in the morning. Our body can absorb the rich nutrition from soy milk easily. When making soy milk, Non-GMO soybean would be a better choice, and you can also add some ingredients like black soybean, green bean or peanut, to make the soy milk smother and tasty when drinking. The soy milk is also good for our health. It can strength your body and prevent diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, bronchitis, senile dementia, obesity, etc. HuarenStore is making a cup of tasty and sugar-free soy milk for you with Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker.
Ingredients: a cup of soybean, water
Tools: Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG, filter, bowl, cup
1.Wash appropriate soybean and soak them for 5-6 hours. Pour away the soaked water and wash the soybean again. Put the soybean in a bowl and be ready to start the machine.
2.Add appropriate water till the waterline between 900ml-1300ml.
3.Plug in the power, all of the function lights of Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk maker light up.
4.Press the “soymilk function” and choose “soybean”, and then press “Start/Cancel” to start working.
5.After about 20 mins, the voice from the machine reminds you the soy milk is ready, with the “soymilk” function light flickering. At this moment you can disconnect plug and open the machine, you will feel a puff of delicious smell coming to you.
6.The bean dregs left in Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk maker are very fine and tiny.
7.Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk machine allows you to drink a cup of pure soy milk directly without filtration. The bean dregs can also be used for making pancake if you like.

Warm remind:
1.The filtered soy milk can be boiled in a clean pot. Churn it slowly when heating up. The re-boiled soy milk is tasted better!
2.Sugars can be added if necessary.

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Ingenious Pastry by Joyoung Steamed Bun Making Machine

Keen on dumplings but daunted by kneading dough? All you need is a steamed bun maker. With this magic machine you will enjoy making all kinds of ingenious pastry. For example,
let’s show you how to make dumplings with Joyoung Steamed Bun Machine.

Joyoung steamed bun machine (1)

1.Mix water and flour in proportion.

Joyoung steamed bun machine (2)

2.Pressing【dough mixing】key. This takes only 20 minutes.

Joyoung steamed bun machine (3)

3.Now the elastic dough is ready.

Joyoung steamed bun machine (4)

Procedure of Making Dumplings:

Joyoung steamed bun machine (5)

1.Roll the dough into small wrappers of equal size – about 30cm long, 20cm wide and 2mm thick.

2.Spread a wrapper on the dumpling mould.

3.Put some stuffing into the hollow with a small spoon.

4.Cover it with another wrapper.

5.You can put the dumplings into the shape of love or square.

Joyoung steamed bun machine (6)


Joyoung steamed bun machine (7)

6. In the end, you can cook or fry dumplings.

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Make Matcha Cake with Joyoung Pressure Cooker JYY-50FS98

Green tea powder, aka matcha and maccha, is the soul of green tea cake. If you want to make good green tea cake, you have to use good quality green tea powder. I’m now happy with my recipe. I hope you like it too.

Matcha Cake


5 eggs

40ml fresh milk

180 g low gluten flour


15 g Green tea powder

1 g Salt

160 g white sugar

Kitchen appliances:

Joyoung electric pressure cooker JYY-50FS98


Make Matcha Cake with Joyoung Pressure Cooker

1. Add 5 whole egg, salt and white sugar, whisk to dense state.

2. Add low gluten flour and baking powder, stir evenly to a thick paste.

3. Add the cream into the slightly cooled green tea milk, mix they well. Pour them into the batter, mix again.

4. Apply the cream in the pot, press “Stew”  to choose the “Cake”, and press “Start” to preheat.

5. Open the cover after preheating, pour the batter into the pot, cover the pot.

6. After the completion of the inverted buckle out of the cake, let the cake cool. Collocation fruit or fresh cream with more flavor.

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Gemside automatic cooker E151 recipe: Diced Pork in Oyster Sauce

This dish can be described by the words “genuineness, excellence and good color”. Dices of carrot, pork, potato and pea are blended together to form a bright color. What’s more, the nutritive value of these four vegetables is very high. When the automatic meal cooker E151 is under operation, it won’t produce too high temperature to damage the nutrition of food materials. Thus the dish is complete in all varieties of color, aroma, taste and nutrition.

Gemside automatic cooker recipe Diced Pork in Oyster Sauce

[Main Ingredients] 200g streaky pork, 100g carrot, 100g potato and 50g green soya beans;

[Seasonings for Pickling] 5ml dark soy sauce and 10ml cooking wine;

[Key Seasonings] 20ml oil, 20g  oyster sauce and 5g salt;

[Flavor Seasonings] 1 piece of green onion, 2 silces of ginger and 10ml cooking wine;

[water Amount] 40 to 50ml;


1. Dice steaky pork, potato and carrot in the same size.

2. Soak the diced potato in water and pickle the diced streaky pork with seasonings for 20 minutes.

3. Put processed ingredients, seasonings and water into the cooker.

4. Cover Gemside automatic cooker and turn on the automatic cooking function for [Dry Up Cooking ]. The cooking procedure will be executed automatically.

5. After it finishes cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the cooker well and put it onto a plate.

[Key Points]

1. The three kinds of vegetables shall be diced in the same size.

2. You can add mashed garlic at finishing according to your personal preference.

3. When putting food materials into the cooker, you shall observe the order of diced pork, carrot, potato, green soya beans, other seasonings and oyster sauce.

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