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Soy Milk Maker Reviews

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13U-D81SG PK CTS-1078S

Today we are going to compare the difference between Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D81SG and Joyoung soy milk maker CTS-1078S. DJ13U-D81SG is Joyoung newest flag ship high end top model. It is sold at more than $200 on Amazon and Huarenstore. Yet CTS-1078S only sold at about $80. Now let us see the what is the difference between them.

DJ13U-D81SG VS CTS-1078S
Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D81SG (left in the following picture) has a golden champagne body, fashion and fresh. The capacity is 900-1300ml, suit for 2-4 people using. CTS-1078S (right in the picture) has a steel body, white and red decoration makes it simple and eye-catching. The capacity is also 900-1300ml, suit for 2-4 people using.

Both of the inner pots are made of 304 good grade stainless steel, durable, healthy and easy cleaning. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG adopts double steels design, heat preservation and anti scald. CTS-1078S adopts single steel design, the heat preservation and anti scald effects are not as ideal as DJ13U-D81SG.
DJ13U-D81SG has thin head at 2 cm, which reduces weight and makes it easier to use. It adopts safety lock design, it can easily open and close, safe and convenient. There is a seal ring in the head, and a vent to discharge steam. DJ13U-D81SG is a safer machine.

DJ13U-D81SG VS CTS-1078S 1

Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG can make Porridge, Juice, Baby Food, Pottage, Mung Bean, Soymilk, Five Grains, Double Thick and Fast soymilk, with a function of Easy Wash. Joyoung CTS-1078S can only make Soaked Bean, Dry Bean, Grains, Soup, Rice Paste and Juice. From the function aspect, DJ13U-D81SG has more functions and meets more requirements from customers.

DJ13U-D81SG VS CTS-1078S 2

Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG adopts broken-free filtration system, equipped with high frequency motor, improving the rotate speed of 68%, comparing to common soy milk makers. It can adjust the rotate speed depending on the food materials. 30-hole ultra-fine grinding device lessen the space for grinding. With the crystal steel wave knife, the grinding effect has promoted by 70%. As the result, the soy milk will be more smooth.
Joyoung CTS-1078S adopts no net grinding system. With 3 wave knife, the high-speed top-down eddy formed in a small space when working. The soy milk will not as smooth as soy milk that come out of DJ13U-D81SG.

Heating Method:
Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG adopts the oven-like boil technique. The stereo heating system and the temperature controller make the soy milk more even and the release nutrition completely, and also reduce foam at the same time. The smells will be more delicious. Joyoung CTS-1078S adopts bottom heating technique. The heating speed is fast and it controls temperature and rotate speed through the spill-proof probe. But the soy milk taste will not as good as the one from DJ13U-D81SG.

You can clean Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG by the function Easy Wash or you can clean it by yourself. After drinking, we can add 1200ml water into the machine and choose Easy Wash to clean it. But the top half should be cleaned by yourself. Joyoung CTS-1078S adopts no net grinding, so its easier to wash. Mind the knife when washing.

From the comparison of appearance, functions, technique and heating method between DJ13U-D81SG and CTS-1078S, we can see that Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG is better than Joyoung CTS-1078S. But CTS-1078S has an advantage in price. So what do you think of them?

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Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG and Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG, which machine is better?

As is known to all, JOYOUNG is the pioneer of soybean milk machine. Today, in the U.S. market, Joyoung milk machine models emerge in an endless stream, however, the most popular of soy milk makers are Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG and Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG. The latest Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D81SG, from the appearance to the mold process as well as personalized features could be this fascinated. Below we will compare Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG and Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG, to see which performance is better?


Appearance contrast


Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk maker using champagne gold steel design, looks more high-end atmosphere.


It adopts the safety lock handle design, so the carrying is convenient. Sealed design, cooking more delicious. Unique steam hole to prevent steam burn. Thin nose, the entire machine weight is 2.38kg. Double stainless steel cup body design, can prevent hot.



Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG with white body color, let the machine look more Home Furnishing. The body has a simple printing design, so that the machine is simple but not monotonous.


It uses the human body engineering design, grip is very comfortable. LED progress indicator light, pulping process is clear at a glance. The outer layer is a plastic material, the inner layer is a stainless steel designed, double cup body, can prevent hot. The entire machine weight is 2.38kg.

Features contrast


Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D81SG uses surround and stereo heating, cooking stove boiling technology, boiled soybean milk more fully, soy milk nutrition full release, milk taste more mellow. “Broken free filtration technology, superfine grinding device with the machine, three pieces of crystal wave of steel blade, and poly flow design, can bean valley full grinding, so as to make the milk taste is more delicate. Equipped with high-speed frequency conversion motor, than the ordinary soybean milk machine speed increased by 69%, grinding faster and more time saving.


It is the most comprehensive function of soybean milk machine. It Can be made: Dry bean milk, Wet bean milk, Double Thick milk, Five Grains, Mellow soymilk, Porridge, Juice, Baby Food, Pottage and Mung Bean and so on, let you taste the different flavors.


Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG uses surround and stereo heating, making soy milk can fully boiled, soy milk nutrition full release, and went out the beany flavor, make the milk taste even more refreshing. This machine adopts superfine grinding device design, four blunt knife, high-speed rotation, forming small flow, the polishing effect increased by 30%.


Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG can make Double Thick, Grains, Soymilk, Rice Porridge, Fine Porridge, Juice and Rice Paste etc..


Both have in common: The head cover is equipped with an anti overflow electrode, soybean milk does not overflow, using is safer. Invisible temperature sensor, can achieve precise temperature control, milk does not paste, more convenient to clean. Full steel design, non staining, strong and durable, easy to clean.

Slag discharge quantity, Time consuming, Power consumption, Noise and Making time contrast. We will follow up, so stay tuned!

By contrast, summarizes

From the exterior design, D81SG has double layer stainless steel cup body, D08SG has outer plastic layer, inner stainless steel, D81SG will be more durable. From functions comparison,
D81SG would be more powerful than D08SG, the performance is more excellent.

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Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13U-D81SG is 2015 latest soy milk machine model. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG and DJ13M-D81SG have the same appearance and characteristics. They all have two innovative design: 1. Grinding technology using “broken free filter system” technology, crushing effect increased by 40%, milk can be drunk directly without filtering. 2. Boiled technology is taking a three-dimensional style kitchen fire boiled heating technology, combined with precise temperature control technology, the full release of nutrients. Voltage of 110-120V, Designed for USA & Canada market; Capacity of 900~1300ml, Suitable for 2-4 People.


So the question is, What is the difference between Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG and  Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG? Which machine is better? Huarenstore has summed up the three differences.

Frist, different fonts

Joyoung dj13m-d81sg‘s function panel font is traditional Chinese characters. Joyoung dj13u-d81sg‘s function panel font is traditional Chinese characters, No English Menu or User Manual. Joyoung dj13u-d81sg‘s function panel font is simplified chinese and English.

different Function panel

Second, different functions

Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG has 11 functions, can be made Soymilk, Five Grains, Double thick, Fast soymilk, Porridge, Rice Paste, baby food, Pottage, Energy Soup, Easy Wash, Keep Warm.

Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG has 10 functions, can be made Soymilk, Five Grains, Double thick, Fast soymilk, Porridge, Juice, baby food, Pottage, Mung Bean, Easy wash.

From the above comparison, we can see that there are three different functions. Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG has Rice Paste, Energy Soup and Keep Warm. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG has Juice and Mung Bean, and has not the Keep Warm function.

Third, different product accessories

Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG products has No Strainers. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG has  a Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer.

strainer mesh

In short, both of them can meet the nutritional needs of the whole family of different ages, different flavors to your family. It’s hard to say which one is better. The overall function is about the same. But if you don’t like drinking soymilk with soybean dregs, you can choose DJ13U-D81SG  with Strainer.

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Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. DJ13U-D08SG

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG is the top-level Model in 2015. It not only can play as soybean milk maker, can also do food cooking. Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG is the flagship model in 2014. Many people get confused, what is the difference between Joyoung D81SG and D08SG? Which is worth to buy? Today we have to explain the difference between the two products for you.


Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG

1. Different appearance

See the above image.

2. Different panel features


3. Different head


4. Different grinding device


5. More user-friendly design


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Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. DJ13M-D08SG

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG is the top-level Model in 2015. It not only can play as soybean milk maker, can also do food cooking. Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG is the flagship model in 2014. Many people get confused, what is the difference between Joyoung D81SG and D08SG? Which is worth to buy? Today we have to explain the difference between the two products for you.

joyoung-dj13m-d08sg-VS-dj13m-d81sgJoyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG

1. Different appearance

2. Different panel features


3. Different head


4. Different grinding device


5. More user-friendly design


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Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function

To remind everyone that even Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG  with juice, jam features, but in addition to fruits like papaya and other fruits must be cut into small pieces before puting into the soy milk maker. The manual is said to cut the size of soybeans. Lazy people just use normal fruit juice machine to make juice!

The method of making juice with Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D08SG:

1. I prepared the pineapple, apple, guava, celery, cut them into small pieces.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function 1

2. Pour all the ingredients  into Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG, add the right amount of water.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function 2

3. Select the “juice” feature and start. Wait about 15 minutes or so, the production is complete.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function 3
4. You can prepare some honey to taste.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function 4

5. Honey vegetable juice.Really delicious.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG juice function 5

If you are interested in Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG, visit the website: http: //

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D08SG Features

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D08SG is the Taiwan version of Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG, the difference is only in appearance. Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG is 2014 the best model  that brings  the advantages of the previous soy milk maker together. What does Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG have features?


Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Features

■ The second-generation ultra fine grinding technology:

The ultra-high speed grinding soybeans gathered in a smaller space, improve efficiency and instant smash extent, completely done refined vegetable protein release nutrients more easily digested and absorbed and with the “slow fire boiled technology” sporadic hundred percent original soy flavor, drink up rich fluently.

■ Stereo hydronic heating:

Joyoung original three-dimensional circulation heating technology ensures milk in the entire three-dimensional space fully cooked, because the heating area bigger and faster so no paste at the end, while allowing sufficient nutrition soy release, higher nutritional value.

■ Intelligent microcomputer control:

One Touch Ultra simple to do gymnastics, from automatic preheating, grinding, boiling automatic completion, 15-20 minutes of hot milk produced.

■ New times concentrated milk functions:

New technology enables industry-leading 30 percent increase in the concentration of milk, drink up more fragrant taste better nutrition.

■ The new design cup pot body:

In line with ergonomic design is more convenient pouring milk does not flow along the cup in vitro, more humane and safer.

■ slip pads:

At the bottom of the cup plus skid pads, so beat milk more stable, secure and reduce noise.

■ Power Coupler waterproof device:

The only industry to install waterproof device designed power coupler, effective cleaning to prevent water from entering the board and body

■ dried beans can produce milk, wet beans original mill milk, grains (corn soy / corn porridge), green beans (mung bean milk / green bean), jams, juices and other drinks.
■ From the ground to cook in one, simple automatic function operation, more than 20 minutes to relax with a good fresh milk.

■ through the EU testing standards and SGS certified food containers, use safety without fear.

■ bubble-free beans, dry beans, wet beans are applicable.

■ capacity to adjust, with the number of people in your home.

■ patents nutrition full release.

■ Micro Switch: No device properly, the machine does not start.

■ anhydrous anti-dry: cup water or low water level in vivo, the machine does not start.

■ shaft seal design: to prevent liquid from entering the nose cause a malfunction.

■ spill electrode: Wisdom thermostat function automatically starts spill, boiled milk Do not be nervous waiting.

■ Temperature Sensor: Auto detect temperature, 86 degrees automatic grinding, will indeed slow fire after boiling milk to boil.

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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG Product Introduction

Our latest listing of Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG is currently the best model. Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG offers a winning combination of excellent soy milk output quality, convenient automatic operation, and stainless steel construction for easy cleanups. No complicated setup or assembly required – just add water and soy beans, press one button and have delicious fresh soy milk ready in less than 15 minutes! Here is a real shot  for Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG high-quality pictures.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (7)

Champagne stainless steel appearance, (Model: DJ13M-D81SG), the entire texture is great.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (1)

The top of Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG is setting function panel, a total of 14 buttons. 11 function keys.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (4)

Handle design is very big, take up very stable. Look – This button is used to open the top cover.joyoung dj13m-d81sg (2)The apacity is 900-1300ml, for the amount of 2-4 people. Up to about 1300ml capacity, it must be good enough for a small family.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (8)

In addition to the power line, the whole machine is mainly fuselage and nose.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (5)

The bottom of the nose has is ultrafine grinding device. A little sharp, take note when cleaning.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (6)

Accessories inside the box has the power cord, measuring cup, cleaning tools and instructions, as well as a book of Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Recipes.

joyoung dj13m-d81sg (3)

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Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker VS. Joyoung Soymilk Maker CTS-2038

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-2038 is the appearance of a new facelift model in 2014, with 1700ML large capacity. Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker and Soup Maker is the latest generation soymilk machine, SoyaJoy G4 is the upgraded version of SoyaJoy G3 , also has 1700ML capacity. Both models are selling well, are all stainless steel construction, food-grade 304, equipped with advanced temperature and water level sensors. Joyoung CTS-2038 and SoyaJoy G4, Which one is better?

product  Joyoung-cts-2038  Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker and Soup Maker
Name Joyoung cts-2038 Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker
Price $118.00( $139.99 (
Capacity 1500ML-1700ML Increased to 1.7 liter
Applicable scope Suitable For 5-6 People Suitable For 5-6 People
Specifications —- —-
The cup body Double-deck Single
Abrasive blade 3 leaf blade 3 leaf blade
Heating & Grinding ways Bottom heating technology,no network grinding. Bottom heating technology, no network grinding.
Product Dimensions  — 10 x 6.8 x 7 inches ; 6 pounds
Function Joyoung-cts-2038-2Grains、Dry Beans、Soaked Beans、Rice Paste、Corn Juice、Keep Warm Soyajoy-G4-Soy-Milk-Maker-and-Soup-Maker--2Grains、Soaked Beans、Dry Beans、Porridge、Raw Juice、Keep Warm
Product List  A measuring cup, pitcher & sieve, cleaning pad, and user manual. One year warranty. A measuring cup, pitcher & sieve, cleaning pad, user manual, and 0.3 lb sample soybean package. One year warranty.

Through the above comparison, I believe you know which one is better. If you are going to buy a soy milk maker, go to here

Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker VS. Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

Joyoung and Soyajoy is one of the best-selling brands.  Joyoung Soy Milk Maker and Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker, which brand is better?

Joyoung VS Soyajoy

Brand compared:


In 1994, the world’s first automatic home soymilk maker was produced by Joyoung company. Today, Joyoung has become a synonym of soy milk maker. So far, in soymilk maker workmanship, Joyoung has accumulated more than 20 national exclusive patent. In recent years, Joyoung is constantly leading the technological innovation soymilk maker, beyond the existing pulping process, has become common practice.


Sanlinx is the manufacturers and distributors of SoyaJoy, SoyaPower and SoyaPower Plus. In 1999, Sanlinx produced a first programmable home soymilk machine. Sanlinx created innovative SoyaJoy soymilk maker in North America and exported to five continents. There are three selling models, from the earliest SoyaJoy, to advanced SoyaPower and SoyaPower Plus, then now the most advanced SoyaPower G4 and SoyaJoy G4.

It can be seen, Joyoung is not only the first sales in China,  are also welcomed by the majority of customers around the world. Especially in North America.

Soymilk maker performance compared:

1. Joyoung, the best soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG has seven function: Grains,Dry bean, Soaked bean, Jam, Juice, Rice paste and Double thick. There is a unique feature, Easy washing function. And Soyajoy G4 soy milk maker has five functions, dried beans, wet beans, fruit juice, corn, rice.

2. Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG uses ultra fine grinding technology, grinding more creamy milk. Soyajoy G4 uses ordinary clover blunt instrument, the most primitive way no net grind.

By comparing these two best soymilk makers of performance, I think you should know which brand is better.

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