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Joyoung DJ13M-D980SG VS DJ13U-D81SG, which one is better?

By the end of 2015, Joyoung company introduced the new model- Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker, because of the champagne gold appearance and practical function, it’s welcomed by many users. September 2016, Joyoung launched newest soy milk maker- Joyoung DJ13M-D980SG. Its greatest feature is smart double appointment, warm / hot to choose. Compared to Joyoung DJ13M-D980SG and DJ13U-D81SG, which one is better? How do users choose? Huarenstore made a contrast between the two machines, and we hope to help you with your choice.

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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D980SG Coupon

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D980SG is 2016 the latest  soybean milk machine in American. with an intelligent double reservation function, can make an appointment time & temperature, the use of more convenient. The first machine with intelligence
preset functions can be preset time & temperature. 110V-120V North American standard voltage, direct use of the United states! 900-1300ml capacity, meet the needs of 2-4 people family consumption.



Joyoung DJ13M-D980SG, Ultra fine grinding technology & Stereo cooking technology, soybean Milk  cooked fully, the taste is very delicate and very fragrant, nutrition is more adequate.

Function is very comprehensive, Soymilk, Grains, Double thick soymilk, Fast soymilk, Baby food, Porridge, Pottage and Juice. In addition, innovation Bean curd function. Meet more needs of users.

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Best Soy Milk Makers 2016

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, or you are allergic to lactose or eggwhite, you should consider buying a soy milk maker. This device can prepare soymilk and many other healthy and tasty meals from fruit, vegetables, and nuts. You should certainly have it in your kitchen!

Best Pick

Joyoung dj13u-d81sg easy-clean automatic hot soy milk maker


  • Joyoung Latest Flagship Model, #1 Best Soy Milk Maker
  • Functions: Porridge, Rice Paste, Non-staple food, Soup, Energy Soup, Creamy Soymilk, Nutritious Grain, Concentrated Soymilk, Soymilk Fast, Keep Warm, Easy Was
  • Broken-free filtration system, Crushing effect increased by 40%; Patented Intelligent heating 5 step boiled nutrition, nutrition would be fully released
  • Voltage of 110-120V, Designed for USA & Canada market; Capacity of 900~1300ml, Suitable for 2-4 People

Reasonable Price:Joyoung Cts-1078s Easy-clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker




  • Special Cooking Modes for Soymilk, Soap, Rice Paste, Juice and Other Recipes
  • No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • 1.0L to 1.2L Capacity, Suitable for 2-3 people; 110-120 Volt Compatible, Designed for US market
  • Can Use Soaked or Dry Soy Beans! Can make cold drink
  • Free Bonus Coagulant: Enough for solidifying 50 pots of soy milk into Tofu Flower (豆腐花). It will last for 1 year for weekly use.

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Can Domestic Soymilk Maker Be Used in America?

Soymilk maker is one of the common kitchen appliances. It can be used to make soymilk, juice, porridge, etc. However, many American people have a question that can domestic soymilk maker be used in America? Will it work? Now, Huarenstore is going to answer this question.

The answer is, no, it can not be used in the US, because the voltages are different. Voltage in China is 220V, 50Hz, yet 110V, 60Hz in America. The machine will not work or will be damaged if it works under wrong voltage.


So if you have brought a soymilk maker from China to America, we suggest you to buy a voltage transformer, whose rated power should be above 2000W.

There are many soymilk brands in America, such as Joyoung, Sonya, Welbon, which are designed for North American users with 120V. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG is the best soymilk maker in America market. It adopts broken-fee filtration system and 360°stereo heating technique, which improve the grinding effect by 40%. The soymilk can be drunk without filtration. Apart from making soymilk, It has powerful functions like making porridge, juice, baby food, pottage, mung bean, etc. The capacity is between 900-1300ml, suiting 2-4 people drinking.


The soymilk maker bought from China can not be used in America.  In the US, there are many supermarkets selling Joyoung soymilk maker, as well as some online stores like Amazon, Ebay, and Huarenstore.

For the people who want to buy or learn more information about this soymilk make, please click this link: ,
Huarenstore offers $22 off via coupon “Blog22” and free shipping.

Where Can People Buy 110V Appliances in America?

As we know, the 220V appliances are not available on America. However, as the largest manufacturer, China also produces 110V appliances. So where can people buy a 110V appliance? Purchase online or offline?

  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances in America?

In America, shopping stores like Wal-Mart, Macys sell 110V appliances from China, as well as online stores like Amazon, Ebay and Huarenstore, from where people can buy 110V appliances.

110V Appliances

  1. Online or offline?

For offline stores, the best advantage is experience personally, yet the product types are limited compared to the products displayed online, where people can get more information from. Buying a 110V appliance online can save store rent and other fees, and the price is generally lower. And you can just enjoy the product getting to you, without any effect. You can place an order online no matter when or where, and you can also leave a review after using.


  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances?

Well, people can buy 110V appliances online easily. Amazon, a large shopping platform, has full product ranges, which yet makes it a disadvantage, less professional. However, some B2C online stores, for example,, specializes in kitchen appliances including 110V Joyoung soy milk maker, Midea pressure cooker, Midea rice cooker, slow stew pot, etc. Their customer service is absolutely an extra advantage.

In America, people usually ask for a coupon code before buying an appliance, because it will lower the price. Huarenstore offers some appliance coupon codes below.


Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Hot Soy Milk Maker, $183, $20 off via coupon: Blog22

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Midea MY-CS6002W 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, $62.99, $10 off via coupon: Blog 6

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【2016 Latest style in USA】Midea Electric Pressure Cooker MY-SS6062 only cost $97.99,Coupon code:Blog12

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LIVEN Electric Baking Pan LR-A434 ,$97.99, $10 off via coupon:Blog12

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In America Which Electric Stew Pot is The Latest

Electric stew pot is one of the practical kitchen appliances. American market has many electric stew pot products.We can classify them according to the Arand, Style, Function, Size,Appearance, Price and time to market . Then ,which is the latest electric stew pot in USA 2016? What characteristics does the latest electric stew pot had ? Ifthe latest electric stew pot can meet the needs for  users well ?


Tonze is first brand  electric stew pot in China , launched the latest products Tonze DGD22-22EG to  United States this year. This electric stew pot is very practical, when it pushed to the market,is populared by a lot of consumers.It with three ceramic inner, the largest is 2.2L, with biggerinner capacity ,  can be used for 2 – 4 person household .


DGD22-22EG has 9 functions, increase new functions as new bird’s nest, ginseng, yogurt etc.Its function is rich,more than other brand such as Sonya, Winnie, Hannex etc.Its pot body has double layer , and the inner layer is made of 304 stainless steel that can stew food directly, more convenient for user. With intelligent booking function, the time for up to 10 hours.120V voltage, specifically designed for the user in USA . Understanding this electric stew pot, u can see this article: < Which one is the best electric stew pot in USA? >

天际电炖盅 1


【The Bset seller in USA】Tonze Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG only cost $106,coupon code :Blog12,

Product link:

This article conmes from :<The Latest Electric Stew Pot in USA 2016>

The best Electric Stew Pot in the USA

Electric stew pot is populared by  health care enthusiast. In the United States, many Chinese have the  habits of makingsoup, stew tonic , so electric stew pot became an essential kitchen appliances. So, what  electric stew pot is the best used in  United States?


Which American electric stew pot  is the  best one to use? You know, how useful the electric stew pot is relationship to food color, smell and taste, it is very important. Is theElectric stew pot doing well ? Which electric stew pot isthe best to use? It must be  understanded clearly!


Choosing electric stew pot, u should consider four aspects:Inner, Function, Brand, and Safety. Also, voltage of the United States  is not the same as  China , only 110V-120V electricstew pot can be used in USA. To understand the techniquesof purchasing  electric stew pot, can see this article: <In the United States, How to choose  Electric Stew Pot? >


In the United States, the electric stew pot there is no more than China.Some China Company also put electric stew cup made in Chinasold to the United States, such as the Tonze, bear, Wellbon, Joyoung etc.2016,the hottest electric stew pot is theTonze DGD22-22EG. With three inner,the largest is 2.2L,can provide adequate food for 2 – 4 people; two small, 0.65L ,can be used at the same time. Its function is rich, include: steam, aweto, meals, yogurt, isinglass, inseng, bird’s nest, quick stew, homely.

天际电炖盅 1

Tonze is the  first brand of  electric stew pot in China, and its security is worthy of trust.Voltage of 120V,can be straight  used in America.


【The Bset seller in USA】Tonze Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG only cost $106,coupon code :Blog12,

Product link:

This article comes from:<What Kind of Electric Stew Pot is The Best Used ?>

$6 off! The Sales Leader, Midea MY-CS6002W 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Based on the electric rice cooker and pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker is the upgrade product with safe, power saving features. Midea is the first electric pressure cooker brand and Midea MY-CS6002W 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is the sales leader of electric pressure cooker. Huarenstore offers great deals on Midea MY-CS6002W, $6 off via coupon code. Only $62.99 to purchase it!


Midea MY-CS6002W 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker has en elegant appearance, light green body with white edges. 6L capacity is suitable for 4-8 people. It has 14 cooking functions and preset time up to 24 hours. The thoughtful design details improve the using experience. 10 safeguards and 120v voltages.

Our ratings:★★★★★

Purchase link:


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$10 off!! Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG has arrived!!

Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot has arrived finally! To thank the support of customers, now we offer $12 off to buy DGD22-22EG!

Stewpot/slow cooker is the common kitchen appliance, its features, convenient, delicious, healthy and nutritious, follow the tendency of pursuing healthy life among people. Tonze is the first brand of slow cooker, while DGD22-22EG is the best-selling slow cooker in North America. It has 9 cooking functions, meeting the requirements of families. It can stew different materials at the same time with twin inner pots in it, suitable for 2-4 people. The ceramic inner pot of fine texture is ideal for preparing delicious stews. It also has preset time function, to ensure your flexible cooking time.

120V Volt, item can be used directly in North America.

 $12 off via coupon code: Blog12

Purchase link:

天际电炖盅 1

9 function & Twin inner pots.

Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG has white appearance. It adopts IMD panel design and microcomputer control, easy and convenient. 9 function includes ginseng, bird’s nest, steam, yogurt, isinglass, aweto, meals, quick stew, homely, keep warm. It can stew different food materials at one time with twin inner pots. Original taste and flavour, full nutrition and aroma.

Ceramic inner pot of fine texture

The inner pot of DGD22-22EG is made out of high-quality natural china clay. It was made through traditional embryo production and elaborate technique, baked with 1300℃ to reach the fine texture level. Its energy-gathered function release and  keep the nutrition, making delicious and healthy foods.

Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG follows the ancient health care rules. Stewing in the 100℃ water, it releases full nutrition and lock favors, tasty yet oil free.


Ceramic inner pot of fine texture

Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG has preset time up to 9 hours. And you can adjust the cooking time with timer. It automatically enters heat preservation mode when finishing cooking, and the temperature will keep around 80℃, retaining the nutrition and inhibiting bacteria.


Detail oriented, improve the user experience

  1. 304 food grade stainless steel inner layer and high quality plastic outer layer, the double layers allow it durable and elegant. The PP materials outer layer prevents the over-high temperature yet gather energy and preserve heat.
  2. Tempered glass cover, shock resistant, heatproof and safe. The anti scald handle is made from PP materials, safe and heatproof.


Tonze Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG has arrived!$12off! Please go visit this link to know more about it:

天际电炖盅 1

【The Bset seller in USA】Tonze Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG only cost $106,coupon code :Blog12,

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3 reasons to buy Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19

Joyoung is a kitchen appliance enterprise that specializes in researching, producing and selling healthy diet appliance. Its products are sold to dozens of countries in the world. In the North American area, Joyoung wins supports among customers by the high quality and high cost performance. So as the Joyoug smart rice cooker JYF-40FS19. If you are not sure which electric rice cooker do you like, read on, the following three reasons will tell you why Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19 is worth buying!1.正面图

Reason 1: Humanized Appearance Design

– Adopts light champagne & white appearance and high quality plastic material, fashion and fresh.

– Large control panel: with four large digit, clear and convenient.

– LED cooking visual progress bar: cooking progress is shown, can master the cooking process.

– Humanized handle design: thoughtful handle design, proof scald and easy move.操控面板

Reason 2: Strong Function

Eight cooking functions: Standard, Fast cooking, Nice cooking, Stove cooking, Porridge, Soup, Steamed, Cake. People can choose different cooking function according to the food materials.

Three rice type functions: Brown rice, Long-grain rice, Short-grain rice. It will automatically adjust the cooking program according to the rice type.

Three tastes choice: Standard, soft, hard, which meets your family’s satisfaction提手设计.

Reason 3: Profession Cooking

  1. Efficient energy-gathered firepower: large firepower, precisely temperature control, release 100% nutrition.
  2. Smart temperature sensor: real-time monitoring, can control the boiling temperature and promote the rice release nutrition.
  3. Five smart cooking programs: five stages intelligent heating up technique, extend the boiling time to allow rice to absorb more water.
  4. Five layers inner pot: 2mm inner pot, super heating-gathered and heat conduction ensure the rice evenly heated.性能更专业

Apart from the three reasons above, Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19 also has 24 hours preset time, allowing you a flexible cooking time. Heat preserved up to 12 hours, allowing you to have hot rice anytime. 4L of capacity, suitable for general family. 120 voltage, directly used in America.

More information, please go to visit: