Where Can People Buy 110V Appliances in America?

As we know, the 220V appliances are not available on America. However, as the largest manufacturer, China also produces 110V appliances. So where can people buy a 110V appliance? Purchase online or offline?

  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances in America?

In America, shopping stores like Wal-Mart, Macys sell 110V appliances from China, as well as online stores like Amazon, Ebay and Huarenstore, from where people can buy 110V appliances.

110V Appliances

  1. Online or offline?

For offline stores, the best advantage is experience personally, yet the product types are limited compared to the products displayed online, where people can get more information from. Buying a 110V appliance online can save store rent and other fees, and the price is generally lower. And you can just enjoy the product getting to you, without any effect. You can place an order online no matter when or where, and you can also leave a review after using.


  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances?

Well, people can buy 110V appliances online easily. Amazon, a large shopping platform, has full product ranges, which yet makes it a disadvantage, less professional. However, some B2C online stores, for example, HuarenStore.com, specializes in kitchen appliances including 110V Joyoung soy milk maker, Midea pressure cooker, Midea rice cooker, slow stew pot, etc. Their customer service is absolutely an extra advantage.

In America, people usually ask for a coupon code before buying an appliance, because it will lower the price. Huarenstore offers some appliance coupon codes below.


Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Hot Soy Milk Maker, $183, $20 off via coupon: Blog22

Product link: http://en.huarenstore.com/joyoung-soy-milk-maker-dj13u-d81sg.html

Midea MY-CS6002W 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, $62.99, $10 off via coupon: Blog 6

Product link: http://en.huarenstore.com/midea-electric-pressure-cooker-my-cs6002w.html


【2016 Latest style in USA】Midea Electric Pressure Cooker MY-SS6062 only cost $97.99,Coupon code:Blog12

Product link: http://en.huarenstore.com/midea-electric-pressure-cooker-my-ss6062.html

LIVEN Electric Baking Pan LR-A434 ,$97.99, $10 off via coupon:Blog12

Product link: http://en.huarenstore.com/liven-lr-a434.html

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