Joyoung New Soy Milk Maker?

Joyoung is a renowned brand in manufacturing milk makers, and its soy milk maker machines are well popular at home and broad. Every new version means the technology refrshing, and now its newest soy milk maker has come to our sight-DJ13U-G91 soy milk maker.

Its pure color will right keep your eyes frozen. So bright and the fairshaped design is so attractive. You can easily know how it looks like. However, the panel is in black, so highlighted in color to show what functions it has. The panel is so big in size that even your grandparents can easily use this machine, convenient to use in daily life.

What is worth mentioning is the nut milk function. For so many Joyoung soy milk makers that sold by, only flagship model DJ13M-D988SG has this function. We can know that model really has its charm.

So how about its heating technology? By using the ultra-fine grinder, the soybeans can be greatly ground to some extent. It adopts LT heating technology, then the whole heating procedure will be quiet, but function will be strong. The nutrition will be largely kept. Joyoung takes care of your nutrition.

The material that directly touches food is 304 stainless steel. You won’t have worries of food hygiene. Cooking will be fun enough. Also, the capacity is 900-1300 ML, suitable for 2-4 people. You could add differnt volume of soybeans and water to cook different soy milk.

And don’t forget its warming function. If your love sleep late, if your child cannot drink it out, if your mother think you are wasting when you dump the cold soy milk, this function will be of great help. Just press it, the cold soy milk drink can be warm again to the appropriate temperature.

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