Soy Milk Maker Joyoung DJ13U-D91

When choosing soy milk maker, we always have these worries.Want soy milk maker to have nut milk function, but high-end soy milk makers are too expensive. Want soy milk maker to be beautiful with reasonable price, but too difficult. Want to rewarm the soymilk when it’s cold, want to easily clean the soy milk maker…….So many worries that you think that this kind of soy milk maker cannot be available. But today the soy milk maker Joyoung DJ13U-G91 will right trash your worries.

Yeah, right this one. So beautiful design with pure color. Despite of the basic soymilk function, it also has many functions for you and your family.


Every mother has the worry that child doesn’t eat meals, just snacks. Once you have DJ13U-G91, you can make different porridge every day.


It’s so hard to look after your children, and you sometimes have no time to go shopping or make up. Don’t worry, a cup of nutritious juice will relief your tire. Use DJ13U-G91, within roughly 5 minutes, the fresh jucie will ready for you. The capacity of 1300 ml for you to share juice with your friends.

Nut milk

Work keeps us siting for a long time, and the cholesterol level becomes higher. If you have DJ13U-G91,you can easily drink nut milk, adjusting you blood fat and cholesterol levels.

Warm function

What if the soymilk becomes cold? Don’t worry, press DJ13U-G91’s warm button, only 5 mins, the soymilk will be warm again. You won’t have worry of wasting.


Easy washing

Don’t want to clean up the machine? Just press the easy washing function, the machine will be cleaned then. And you just need to clean it under the tap. So easy to use.

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