Aobosi Air Fryer KAF-1300P-D1 Review

Tired of eating greasy French fries, chicken wings or worried that too much oil will cause weight increase? Today we will introduce a popular air fryer to you: Aobosi Digital Control Air Fryer KAF-1300P-D1. Let us explain it from below specifications.


It has two colors: red or black. Red is so bright and smooth in surface, and it will bring vigor to your kitchen or life. Children will like this color. Black means decency and dignity, which will suit those who like simple style. The material of the outer cover is heat-resistant PP,  and you won’t worry if your children touch  it. Then you can see the panel clearly. The panel shows in figure, like fish, chicken with blue LED if you plug in this unit. The detachable pan and basket are easy for you to cook and clean.


It has 7 built-in smart programs: chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp , fish and cake for you to cook different delicates. Air Convecttion technology and rapid hot air circulating system,no need to add oil. You have no worry of gaining weight. The rated power is 1300 W, high enough to fry food. With total capacity of 2.6 quart, you can have a bag of French fries. Temperature control range if from 80-200°C / 140-392℉, you can set accurate temperature according to different food. It has metal cavity design. You will feel no smell, safer and healthier to fry food. The whole cooking process is also much quieter. Recipe booker is available for you to DIY cooking dishes every day as easy as pressing one program.


It features multiple safe design: automatic shut-off; timer with signal; cool-touch handgrips. It will automaticaally work and shut off when it finishes cooking, so you can have your time to drink tea with your friends, or look after your baby. Also it’s ETL certificated, quality guaranteed.

You can fry, bake and grill with this unit-Aobosi Digital Control Air Fryer KAF-1300P-D1.

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