Makoto Smart Multifunctional Electric Pot DYG-40AFW-100

Many readers asked me if we have a big size electric pot for restaurants or a big family. And now we can tell you that we really have one with 10 L capacity: Makoto smart multifunctional electric pot DYG-40AFW-100.

The outer is stainless steel material, durable to use and resistant to dirt. The glass is resistant to heat or crash, and you can know the whole cooking procedures. Want to know more details? Just follow me.

Two inner pots: Cermaic and Stainless Steel

The most special point for this cooker is in that it has two differnent inner pots, one is stainless steel material, and the other is ceramic material. For different food, you can choose different inner pots to largely keep food nutrition. Especially when you use the ceramic inner pot, the heating way of out-of-stewing will help you enjoy the nutritious meals.

Big capacity of 10 L

For a big family of roughly 10 persons, or for a restaurant, it will be a good choice. The capacity for the stainless steel inner pots is 10 L, large enough for you to cook big meals. You will never think that cooking will be so easy, and let it aside and just enjoy your shopping time or tea time. Meanwhile, the capacity for the ceramic inner pots is 4 L, big enough to put a chicken inside. The combinations of different inner pots with different capacity will truly realize your cooking needs.


Multifunction and preset 

Its functions include: quick stew, stew, soup, steam, congee, braise, rice and porridge. You and your family can enjoy different meals. And it also has the preset and timer functions.They are of great help to present delicious meals in your convenient time.  So convenient and easy.


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