Midea Taste Maker All-in-One Multi-Functional Rice Cooker MMC1710-B


The Midea Multi-Cooker MMC1710-B is the result of years of refining Asian design and incorporates an all-in-one pre-programmed menu for easy cooking with high-quality results. The removable, super thick hemisphere bowl with its honeycomb inspired surface ensures uniform heating to preserve nutrients in every serving. The defrost function is unique to it’s kind and makes it safe to thaw and cook frozen foods.

An essential cooking appliance

The Midea TasteMaker All-in-One Multi-Functional Cooker features a detachable steam valve, one-button lid release, and a BPA-free steamer basket. It’s a perfect appliance for small kitchens, apartments, dorms, tiny homes, and RVs. The black and stainless steel housing is designed to complement modern kitchens and other essential appliances. Makes a great gift.

Convenient defrost function

A mouthwatering meal is easy to make with the Midea TasteMaker All-in-One Multi-Functional Cooker. It features a unique defrost function that will thaw frozen meat or fish without affecting the taste or texture. The cooking pot is made of non-stick aluminum with a hidden honeycomb interior that radiates heat evenly so that foods cook perfectly without hot spots.

Set it and forget it

One-touch programming makes the Midea TasteMaker All-in-One Multi-Functional Cooker easy to use. Load the ingredients, set the program, and forget it! It features eleven presets for casseroles, pasta, soups, quinoa, rice, and more; or use it to sauté meats and vegetables. A 24-hour timer and auto warming function means you can serve a delicious meal when it’s most convenient.

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