Gemside Smoke-free Cost-effective Wok WOK-MY36, New in 2018

Every woman has worries that cooking soot will hurt their face and skin. But very often they have to cook for families, for babies. Now good news is coming that Huarenstore begins to sell GEMSide smoke-free Wok, the model is WOK-MY36.

Why no smoke?

Because cooking soot comes from the pot encircle, other than the bottom of the pot. A specially installed hot plate separates the high temperature and smoke belt, so there will be no smoke during the cooking process. The innovative wok structure will largely reduce the cooking soot and improve the kitchen environment. The annoying problems for thousands of years, cooking soot has been solved then.

No oli splashing, high efficiency

Amost all cooking areas are covered with ingredients. Not only eliminating the cooking soot, but also avoiding the oil from splashing. Heat is transferred to ingredients directly and effectively. Even with small fire, it can also have the cooking effect of strong fire, which saves energy and brings high efficiency.

Infrared thermometer

The wok is equipped with a infrared thermometer, which is for you to detect the fire of oil. For different meals, you can know the appropriate cooking fire, and if it’s beyond the maximum, you can use it to detect and control the fire. Non-stick, non-over burnt peoblems to worry about. 

Stainless steel design

Food-grade stainless steel pot is adopted, no coating, healthier. And ergonomic handle provides a safe, comfortable grip, so considerate design for you to enjoy this wok. But please note that this wok is for stove only. Don’t put it on an induction cooker.

Any interest in JEMSide WOK-MY36,please visit:

Huarenstore offers:

$5 off over $80 via coupon code “enblog1705

$10 off over $150 via coupon code “enblog1710

$20 off over $200 via coupon code “enblog1720

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