Midea New Rice Cooker 11 in One Cooker MMC1710-B,4.7L

Midea always know Asian people’s needs of eating rice and acknowledge their needs of easier models. In 2016, they produced MB-FS5017 rice cooker, and its delicate shape and color quickly attracted people’ssights. Later in 2017, MB-FC5020 came to world. It was special in that it had the turbine defoaming technology. Then at end of 2017, New Midea Electric Rice Cooker Multifunctional Cooker MMC1710-B is going to bring you different cooking experience.

Non-stick aluminum pot

The inner pot is made up from food-grade non-stick coating, aluminum oxide layer, honeycomb layer, yellow crystal oxide layer, and hard oxide layer. The inner honeycomb structure helps cook food evenly, without hot spots. You will have no worry of being sticky and the rice is much more fragrant in flavor and delicious in taste.

11 in one

Use this versatile cooker to make rice, oatmeal, soup, quinoa, and pasta, or for browning and sautéing foods. And it adopts six steps of heating: preheating, abosrbing water, quick heating, continuously boiling, braising then keeping warm. The rice taste will be largely improved. The Midea rice cooker will automatically control the cooking time concerning different cooking functions by the thermostat.

Considerate design

24 H delay timer for you to enjoy rice at any time needed. A handy carrying handle folds out of the way when not in use. Cooker includes a universal plug. Detachable inner lid and steam vent for easy cleaning. Thoughtfully designed to complement other kitchen appliances. The Midea rice cooker tasteMaker MMC1710-B is an excellent choice.

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