Aicooker Multi-Function Purple Clay Pot Digital Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker F401B,4.0-Liter

You have seen purple clay pot pressure cooker, but have you ever seen a rice cooker with purple clay pot? Today we will introduce Aicooker Multi-Function Purple Clay Pot Rice Cooker F401B. Combining the feature of a rice cooker and a slow cooker, Aicooker Electric Rice Cooker F401B is truly multi-functional. It is a rice cooker and slow cooker.


You can use it to cook quick rice, crispy rice, claypot rice, porridge, soup, sticky rice, etc., all with just a simple menu selection! After cooking the cooker automatically enters the “Keep warm” status. No matter what kinds of rice you choose, no matter what taste you want, the cooker will greatly satisfy you. With this cooker, you can put many of your old cooking equipments away, and you are sure to feel that your kitchen is a lot more spacious and orderly!

Raw ore purple clay pot

Aicooker rice cooker uses a raw ore purple clay pot, no painting, no glazing, natural and healthy. All surfaces in contact with food are made of food-grade materials. 4L capacity is suitable for a whole family. Many rice cookers’ pot are non-stick material, and many  people will worry about food hygiene. But with this rice cooker, they will have no worry. And purple clay pot have strong water absorbing function, and it has some trace elements that are good to health.

Considerate design

Three-dimensional heating releases deep nutrition of the food. 24hour Time/Preset setting, designed for office workers and health-preserving people. 7 section temperature control process, fully stimulate the delicious taste of the ingredients. Multiple functions with intelligent control, can be switched over arbitrarily.

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