Tianji Smart Electric Stewpot Slow Cooker DGD22-22EG Recipes

Slow cookers are nifty gadgets that help us create amazingly delicious meals with zero fuss and minimal prep. Tianji Smart Electric Stewpot Slow Cooker DGD22-22EG with three ceramic inner pots is more likely to do you a big favor by simplifying your cooking process as well as bringing out toothsome dishes.

Here are two recipes for Tianji Smart Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG that will greet your nose.

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Joyoung 0.6L Mini Automatic Soy Milk Maker DJ06M-DS920SG – Unboxing And Test

Without a soy milk maker, you are still able to make soy milk. But if you enjoy drinking soy milk (or other plant-based milk) on a daily basis, the complicated cooking process might not be very practical. So it’s necessary for those who drink soy milk more often to own one soy milk maker.

If you are in a family with few members, then Joyoung 0.6L Mini Automatic Soy Milk Maker DJ06M-DS920SG is suitable for you. In a bid to let you know exactly how it really look like, we are now doing you an unboxing and test.

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