TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot Slow Cooker Healthy Cooker DGD40-40SWD 4L

Healthy cooking is a persistent concept for most families. So having soup is very popular now. Good machines help cook delicious and nutritious soup. TianJi purple clay slow cooker DGD40-40SWD will help.

Raw ore purple clay, no heavy metal, no harmful chemical coating, safe for cooking

We all remember that our grandma used earthen pots to cook meals for us. She Said that earthen pots are durable to use and is resistant to cold or hot temperature. That’s why Tianji Slow Cooker uses purple clay pot to cook food. It’s natural and healthy to cook food, no harmful material.

Fast / slow stew

Tianji Purple Clay Stew Pot Slow Cooker Healthy Cooker DGD40-40SWD is multifunctional. Fast stew function includes: Nutrition soup, Rib soup, Chicken soup and Meat soup, while slow stew includes: Double stew soup, Multi grain porridge, BB porridge and Desserts. And two additional functions porridge and instand soup are also available for you. There is no need to think about what to eat today.

4L capacity

Soup will become much more delicious if it’s enjoyed by family members or friends. So big capacity is so essential for such a good stew pot. 4L capacity is suitbale for a whole family. You shall feel so proud that the soup has been eaten.

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To express gratitude to all the customers, Fotile is going to provide big sales from 7th Jul-16th Jul. for range hoods sold at Huarenstore. Four products include JQG7501, EMS9018, EMS9016 and JQG9009. Fotile offers expert installation service in more than 30 cities of United States mainland, with extra cost of roughly $200. Let’s see what special offers they are.

 1. FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood

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