DJ13U-D08SG to make red beans soy milk

Every morning, we need some energy when we wake up. Actually make delicious soy milk is one of the best choices.

Use soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG makes homemade soy milk is easy, only with some ingredients and moderate water.

Step 1: prepare some ingredients:

l  40g soy beans (can buy organic soy beans in Warmart)

l  40g red beans (can buy in Chinese market)

l  10g red dates

l  5g medlar

DJ13U-D08SG to make red beans soy milk

Step 2: Because DJ13U-D08SG can be used dry beans to make soy milk, so place soybeans in jug and gill with drinking water. The level of water must be between 1100ml and 1300ml. please be careful DO NOT over 1300ml.

DJ13U-D08SG to make red beans soy milk

Step 3: Connection for the power, select—grains—start.


Step 4: 25 minutes later, it will beep when soy milk maker is working finish. Enjoy your homemade soy milk!

DJ13U-D08SG to make red beans soy milk

Tips: Please wash soy milk maker in first time, because it is easy to wash when the process is done.

Joyoung Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker CTS-1098S

There’s absolutely no doubt that joyoung soy milk maker CTS-1098S with new technology is one of most popular and advanced soy milk machine right now in USA.

 Joyoung CTS-1098S Features:

2013 new model bottom heating technology. 

All stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber. No food color stains on plastic or concerns of plastic leaching into food 

Five automatic, one-button functions for fully cooked milk, soup, and raw vegan milk from beans, grains, and nuts.  Read More

Use Joyoung CTS 1098S to Make Soy Milk

Joyoung CTS 1098S use 2013 new model bottom heating technology ,with all stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber.



Use Joyoung CTS 1098S to Make Soy Milk has a nutty flavor and is easy to make. Although I’ve always preferred the taste of homemade soy milk over the commercially-produced version, I did enjoy the ease of store-bought soy milk since my kids didn’t seem to mind the flavor. These days though, with the drastic price increase in soy milk and the news that some of the “organic” soy milk is not actually made from all-organic soybeans, I’ve starting making batches at home. Besides being easy, you can also control the texture and sweetness of the milk you are making at home.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Soaking beans: 8 hours

Total Time: 8 hours, 40 minutes


· 1 cup organic yellow soybeans

· 1/4 tsp salt

· 2 Tbsp honey or sugar

· 1/2 tsp vanilla, optional


1. Soak beans overnight in a large bowl.

2. The next day, discard any beans that have not softened or expanded.

3. Rinse beans and discards loose skins.

4. Put beans and 2-3 cups of water in blender.

5. Puree until smooth, adding more water as necessary.

6. Strain milk and pulp through a sieve lined with a cheesecloth a few times, pressing beans to remove milk.*

7. Put soymilk and 2-3 cups of water in a stockpot and bring to a boil. Stir and skim foam.

8. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes.

9. Add more water as necessary.

10. Add and honey or sugar to taste. If you like vanilla, you can add that as well.

11. Chill the milk and store in refrigerator.

Joyoung CTS-1098 Makes Fresh Soymilk,Yummy!

There’re 6 function buttons on the control panel of Joyoung soymilk maker CTS-1098s: soymilk(including 5 grains,soybean,mungbean), rice paste, juice, grains paste. Just Add soybeans and water, press the fuction button, 20 min later, you can enjoy fresh homemade soy milk.


Let’s see together how to use joyoung CTS1098S to make soymilk step by step.

1. Add soybeans.( Generally, soaked soybeans is better.)


2. Add water.


3. Attached power and press the “soymilk” button twice, joyoung CTS-1098S will automatically make fresh soymilk. About 20 min later, soymilk is ready:


Look at hot homemade soymilk




More information:

Joyoung CTS-1098 is Upgraded to CTS-1098S

Soymilk machine joyoung CTS-1098 is upgraded to CTS-1098S。JoYoung, a pioneer of soymilk machines, launched a new model, CTS-1098S, on May 20, 2013. Joyoung CTS 1098S use the 2013 new model bottom heating technology,with all stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber.

The operation is simple. Rinse and wash the soybeans first. Then soak them in water for 5-8 hours. Put the beans in the stainless steel holder/body of the machine. Pour drinking water up to the mark on the wall of the holder/body. Put the top (with the stainless shell locked in place) on top of the holder/body. Select the operational mode. Then it starts.

The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.After some minutes, it grinds for about 5 second and continue to broil. After repeating this procedure twice, it makes the final grinding for about 1-2 minutes and boil till it’s done.

Here are some points you have to look out using joyoung CTS 1098S, though:

1. You need to pour the soy milk out and rinse the holder/body and the top quickly. Don’t let it stay in the holder because it would get thicken with the remaining heat of the stainless steel holder. It would make the cleaning more difficult later.

2. The filter is good for filtering most of the soybean bits out. There is only this bit of taste of “powder” remaining. If you want to completely take out that taste, do a 2nd filtering with a paper coffee filter.

3. Watch out about how you place the top. In my opinion, the design could use some improvements. The long shaft of the blades could be a problematic area. The top is heavy. If you put it side-way, it is very likely to tilt and put the unwanted weight on the long shaft.