Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1078S Coupon!

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1078S, the 2014 latest joyoung soy milk machine model in United States, with all stainless steel construction of the cooking and grinding chamber, and the filter-less bottom heating with Perfect Grind Technology, Not all soy milk makers are created the same.


Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1078S HD Video( Chinese Mandarin Version)

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1078S Features:
★ Multifunction:Joyoung CTS-1078S can be used to make soymilk,rise paste,soup,juice etc
★ All stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber. No food color stains on plastic or concerns of plastic leaching into food
★ 120V input valtage, can be used directly in United States.
★ Free Shipping to Continental US

If you want to buy Joyoung Soy Milk Maker, CTS-1078S is a good choice.

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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1078S

Joyoung CTS-1078S is a fully automatic home kitchen appliance that can be used to make five cereals soymilk, dry/soaked soymilk, rice paste, soup, vegi+fruit cold drink. It is computer controlled, and will automatically pre-heat, grind, and cook on its own at the push of a button. Using CTS-1078S, you could enjoy fresh, healthy soymilk in about 20 minutes!


The Joyoung CTS-1078S is the next generation of smart soy milk makers. Contemporarily styled, all parts that come in touch with food and liquid are made from food service grade stainless steel.
Joyoung CTS-1078S HD Video

Joyoung CTS-1078S Features

  • – Special Cooking Modes for Soymilk, Soap, Rice Paste, Juice and Other Recipes!
  • – No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • – Can Use Soaked or Dry Soy Beans!
  • – Can make cold drink
  • – 1.0 – 1.2L Capacity, Suitable for 2-3 people
  • – 110-120 Volt Compatible, Designed for US market

Joyoung CTS-1078S Details: 

Joyoung Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

Electric pressure cooker is one of the usual common kitchen appliances. With high pressure cooking, cooking more difficult cooked food more quickly. New generation of Joyoung intelligent electric pressure cooker, nutrition upgrade!

Joyoung electric pressure cooker video:

Joyoung electric pressure cooker reviews: 

Good Technology

Three innovative technology, from the design to the internal process excellence, comprehensive guide of new technology standards, more superior, more convenient

Good Material

Stainless steel housing, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear and scratch more environmentally friendly .

Good taste

Simmer wok, high heat temperature, high pressure and simmer, pressure constant at around 70kpa, the pot temperature of 115 ℃ remained evenly heated food collagen, easier absorbed.

Good Nutrition
Sixth regulator, various food each pressure, nutrition and taste different foods are perfect to release at the right temperature and pressure, not only to release the full nutrition, taste better.

There is no 110V Joyoung electric pressure cooker in North America. However, we believe that soon, Joyoung electric pressure cookers will be available in the North American market.

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Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M

2014 latest version Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M is one of the top-selling products. 

Homemade egg noodle recipe
Joyoung JYS-N6M Product Introduction Video:

Joyoung Noodle Maker JYS-N6M Features:

  • The most hot pasta maker, big brands and big security
  • Simple operation,Automatic noodle making in 20 minutes
  • Five Die can produce a variety of pasta(fettuccine, narrow, rough, thin face, hollow face, Longxumian, Sichuan dan dan noodles, Beijing noodles)
  • Automatic imitation of hand kneading, kneading dough from six angles, and thousands rub, screw extrusion, made ​​out of noodles, noodle smooth, delicious al dente.
  • Pasta maker parts easily be disassembled,Easy to assemble,Easy to clean.
  • North American 110V voltage direct plug to use, does not require the use of a transformer, easy to use.

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Instant Pot VS Tatung Electric pressure cooker

TATUNG electric pressure cooker is a Taiwanese brand. Tatung rice cooker is familiar to everyone. Tatung rice cookers quality is very good, with a few years are not bad. Taiwan, 90% of households in the past decades are used in it. With the development of society, rice cooker has been replaced by electric pressure cooker. Tatung also produces electric pressure cookers, Tatung Electric pressure cooker and Instant Pot, which one is easy to use?

tatung-VS-instant-pot -

Tatung Electric pressure cooker VS Instant PotElectric Pressure Cooker

Overall, Tatung Electric pressure cooker and Instant Pot electric pressure cooker is the same. Just Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker designed to be easy to use than the Tatung Electric Pressure Cooker: 1. convenient, 2. more function.

For example:1. Instant Pot electric pressure cooker lid, you can place standing, while Tatung electric pressure cooker can not. 2. Instant Pot pressure cookers, such as Type IP-DUO60, a lot of functions, specially designed yogurt, fermented rice function, and Tatung electric pressure cooker, do not have this feature.

It can be seen Instant Pot pressure cookers is more useful than Tatung.

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