Tianji Mini 2L Rice Cooker FD20D With Ceramic Inner Pot – Text And Unboxing

Nowadays, rice cooker is a kind of common kitchen appliances. Different from the other common rice cookers, Tianji Mini Rice Cooker FD20D is equipped with a ceramic inner pot. Made of natural porcelain clay, the ceramic pot is good at keeping the nutrition of rice and food as well as beneficial to your health. If you are interesting in this Tianji Rice Cooker, just go on with this article.

Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep off wear and tear.

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Aicooker Rice cooker and Healthy Purple Clay Pot Cooker F401B, Three in One

Rice cooker is a necessary kitchen appliance for a family that likes to eat rice. However now there are so many electric rice cookers on the market, so a suitable rice cooker is not so easy to be chosen. Today we will introduce a rice cooker that will meet your all needs of cooking different rice with lower price. It’s Aicooker Rice cooker and Healthy Purple Clay Pot Cooker F401B.

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Midea New Rice Cooker 11 in One Cooker MMC1710-B,4.7L

Midea always know Asian people’s needs of eating rice and acknowledge their needs of easier models. In 2016, they produced MB-FS5017 rice cooker, and its delicate shape and color quickly attracted people’ssights. Later in 2017, MB-FC5020 came to world. It was special in that it had the turbine defoaming technology. Then at end of 2017, New Midea Electric Rice Cooker Multifunctional Cooker MMC1710-B is going to bring you different cooking experience.

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Which is the Most Popular Electric Rice Cooker Brand?

With the improvement of living standard, people have higher requirement for kitchen appliance, such as its functions, appearance, quality and safeguard. So what electric rice cooker brand is better?

Now HuarenStore is going to show you the most popular electric rice cooker brand in 2016!


  1. Midea Electric Rice Cooker

Midea is one of the most famous electrical appliance, which has the most complete electrical appliance products group and is one of the Global Top 500 companies. In recent years, depending on its mature technique and steady quality, Midea became the leading brand in electric rice cooker industry. Midea electric rice cooker adopts three dimensional heating method, heating evenly the foods, thus brings the tasty foods. It is controlled by microcomputer, controlling the best temperature curve and heat preservation curve, which ensures the tasty and nutritious rice. Midea electric rice cooker not only has fine functions, its appearance designs are also praiseworthy. It is the most popular electric rice cooker brand among customers.

Recommend Reason: Midea is one of the most valuable appliance companies in China. It is great no matter the product quality or brand reputation. It also has complete after-sales service.


  1. Joyoung Electric Rice Cooker

Well-known in china, Joyoung specialize in researching, producing and selling healthy food appliance. It has several research and produce bases in China and its products are sold to dozens of countries in the world. Joyoung electric rice cooker has been committed to making a healthy life for customers. It adopts food grade safe plastic and unique appearance. It has a fine inner pot, with applied functions. It also adopts three dimensional heating method, energy-gathered and brings tasty rice.

Recommend Reason: Joyoung has been making easy cooking through updating technique and products. In recent years, Joyoung has developed to be a leading enterprise that has many sale points and service network stations in China and in the American markets.


  1. Galanz Electric Rice Cooker

Galanz is a home appliances brand that enjoys high profile and reputations. It has had dozens of honor including being acknowledged by national related departments and organizations. The Galanz electric rice cooker heat up fast and even, safe and save-energy. It can meet the requirements of general family. Galanz electric rice cooker adopts full closed structure, which can efficiently prevent from scald, electric leakage and overflow. The humanized function wins the support of customers.

Recommend Reason: Galanz is a manufacturer that specializes in home appliances, and it is a premium brand in China. In recent years, Galanz has expanded its business to global markets. Their electric oven, electric rice cooker and induction cooker have reached the leading levels in the world.

Apart from the brands above, the popular electric rice cooker brands in 2016 include Supor, Povos, PHILIPS, Tiger, Panasonic, Sanyo, JIRUSHI, Toshiba, etc. When choose a rice cooker, the function and qualities should be considered carefully to make sure whether or not you like the machine!

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2016 Top Ten Global Electric Rice Cooker Brands Rankings

As we know, electric rice cookers have advantages like fast cooking, convenient and easy cleaning. It also can be used as a steamer, stewpot. It is a necessary kitchen appliance for every family. Now let’s see what brands are included in the Top Ten list all over around the word.

Huarenstore had a research on the electric rice cooker market in China and North America, to provide customers with a clear choice, and carried out a Global Electric Rice Cooker Top Ten Brands List in 2016. This ranking was made depending on the brands strength, market survey, customer feedback and so on. At the same time the manufacturers’ service should be taken into account.


The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.1: Midea

Midea is built up in 1981, one of the top 500 enterprises of China. It has 3 listed companies and 4 industrial group. It’s one of the appliances production bases and export bases in China.


For the past few years, Midea electric rice cooker performance well in China, depending on its mature technique and respected quality. Fashion appearance and stainless steel materials, such designs make it a rice cooker of high quality. It also has a special operation panel, easy and convenient operation. So far in 2016 the most popular rice cooker among Chinese American is Midea electric rice cooker MB-FS5017.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.2: Joyoung

Joyoung, which is built up in 1994, specializes in researching, producing and selling healthy diet appliances. It has several production bases and research bases in China, and sells products to more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and so on.


Joyoung has been committed to building a healthy life for customers. The food grade materials and unique appearance impresses most of the customers. They have fine inner and they are multifunction. Three-dimensional heating and energy gathered technique always bring tasty rice.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.3: Panasonic

Panasonic, built up in 1918 in Japan, is one of the global 500 companies. It covers from appliance to digital electronics and office appliances and other areas.


Panasonic rice cookers has its unique perspective on design, clear and convenient operation. It adopts IH heating system to ensure the even heating and to increase efficiency. The inner pot is perfectly designed, with coating and binchotan, which makes the food boiling.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.4: PHILIPS

Philips, built up in 1891 in Netherlands, is one of the most valuable brands and the largest electronics corporations in the world. The products are illumination, family appliance and medical system. They have produce bases in dozens of countries and have owned nearly 100,000 patents.


The humanized design of Philips electric rice cookers impresses customers deeply. The simple design looks comfortable, and the innovative IH heating technique ensures the more even heating. Every rice will be heated, and every rice is tasty and attractive.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.5: SUPOR

Supor, built up in 1994 in Hangzhou, is one of the largest cooker manufacturers. At present, it has several big manufacturing bases and owns more than 10,000 staff.


Supor specializes in researching cookers, and its advantage is high quality inner pot, whose heating effect is 3-4 times better than ordinary inner pot. In addition, Supor has studied that rice boiling in 15 minutes is best for taste. They declared that the rice should be heated up as quickly as possible, which will bring tasty and delicious rice.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.6: ZO JIRUSHI

ZO JIRUSHI, built up in 1918 in Japan, has products include electric rice cooker, electric hot water bottle and vacuum bottle. It earns widespread respect in East Asia and North America.


ZO JIRUSHI high quality IH rice cooker, ranking top in Asia, has fashion and simple appearance. It adopts microcomputer control and it has preset time setting.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.7: TIGER

Tiger, built up in 1923 in Japan, has products included electric pot, rice cooker, electric hot water bottle and kitchen utensils. They are sold in China and America.


The unique technique and concept bring tiger high quality products and is becoming the leader brand of high-end electric rice cooker. The stylish appearance and the fine inner pot make it popular. The temperature changes with the cooking process goes, which allows the rice is in the perfect temperature all the time, thus improves the tasty and nutrition of rice.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.8: Povos

Povos, a company that covered with research, produce and sale, has 5 produce bases in China. It is the brand that develops fastest in the industry.


Povos has outstanding performance in electric rice cooker. The appearance is cute and delicate, easy cleaning and fashion. The smart operation includes cooking time, temperature, cooking and so on. It pursuits the original taste of rice.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.9: Toshiba

Toshiba, built up in 1875 in Japan, is one of the global 500 companies. Its products covers from digital products, electron components and appliances.


The vacuum soak technique is the main design of Toshiba electric rice cooker. It evacuates the air in the pot to let the rice be filled with water, which makes the tasty rice. The changeable temperature during cooking makes the rice tumble to ensure even heating.

The Top Ten Electric Rice Cooker Brands, No.10: Galanz

Galanz, built up in 1978 in Fushan, is a world-class comprehensive home appliance brand. It is the largest microwave research and produce base in the world and its products are sold to more than 200 countries.


Galanz electric rice cooker adopts 4D heating technique, which allows every rice to absorb heat and makes the rice more elastic and nutrition.


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