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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker D81SG Recipe: White wheat porridge

You can achieve the grainy texture only with DJ13M-D81SG as this model has a customised ‘Delicious Porridge’ function. Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG is the best model in USA market.

White wheat porridge


White wheat   1 1/2 cup   Sago 1 Tbsp   Rock sugar 1/2 cup  Palm sugar 2/5 cup

Water level 1300ml


1. Soak white wheat for about 1hr and wash the sago.

2. Put white wheat, sago and rock sugar into Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG.

3. Add water upto 1300ml level.

4. Press ‘Delicious Porridge’ function, then press Start.

5. When it is done, add in the palm sugar.

6. Cover for another 10 minutes before serving.

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Joyoung soy milk maker recipe: BlackGlutinous Rice

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG has a ‘Delicious Porridge’ function.  Let’s make BlackGlutinous Rice recipe with Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG.

BlackGlutinous Rice


1 cup black glutinous rice
3/10 cup white glutinous rice
½ cup rock sugar

kitchen appliances: Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG


1. Wash the glutinous rice and together with rock sugar put it into Joyoung soy milk maker.

2. Add water to 1100 ml water level.

3. On the machine and select “Porridge”function and press “Start” button to start cooking.

4. After cooking, add coconut milk as desired.

Duration : 35 minutes

Note that the cup is provided upon purchase of the Joyoung Soy Milk Maker.

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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Recipe- Passion Fruit Konnyaku

Konnyaku has very low calories, high fibre. It helps to normalise cholesterol and blood sugar level. Prevents high blood pressure. We need to use Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG to make this recipe.

Joyoung  soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG

Ingredient A:

Konnyaku powder 1 pkt

Rock sugar 1 cup

Water 900 ml

Ingredient B:

Passion Fruit 4-6 (fill to about 1 cup)

Passion Fruit Konnyaku Making Method:

1. Add ingredient A into Joyoung soy milk Maker.

2. Press ‘Bisque/浓汤’ function, then press ‘start’.

3. Meanwhile, dig out the flesh of the passion fruit and mash/separate it.

4. When the machine beeps, add the passion fruit into the jug and mix well.

5. Now pour into mould and chill for 3 hours before serving.

Soy Milk Maker Recipe- Passion Fruit Konnyaku

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Soy Milk Maker Recipe: Coffee Soymilk

Coffee is good refreshing drink, but also is indispensable drink which can ease the pressure at work. Adding soy milk instead of milk in coffee, is more healthy new fashion of drinking. Furthermore milk can relieve fatigue and add strength, giving good energy to your day.

Coffee Soyamilk


Soy Bean 1 ½ cup (washed, soak for 6-8 hrs)

Roast coffee bean  1/5 cup

Sugar optional

Small kitchen appliances: Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG


1) Place pre-soaked soy bean and coffee bean into soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG.

2) Add water to 1300 ml water level.

3) Turn on power > press Multifunction > select Creamy Soymilk > press Start.

4) When Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG is cooked, soy milk maker will beep.

5) Strain soy milk and pour into a pot.

6) Serve with sugar if desired.

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Corn Chowder Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Recipe

Corn chowder is a type of thick cream-based soup or chowder similar to New England clam chowder, with corn substituted for clams in the recipe. In addition to corn, it often contains other vegetables, such as potatoes. How to make western corn chowder with Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D08SG?


corn kernels 2 cups, potatoes 1 cup, onion 1 cup, milk 1 cup, cream 20g, a bowl of soup (Do not add broth is OK )

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (3)


1. Put all ingredients into Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG.Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (4)

2. Select DJ13M-D08SG “jam” function, press “Start.”

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (1)

3. About 15 minutes, corn chowder is complete.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (2)

4. After filtration, we can drink it. Do you want to drink ? DIY it quickly.  Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (5)

5. With homemade pizza, is very delicious.

Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG Corn soup recipe (6)

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Baby food supplement : carrot milk

Pulp is a traditional Chinese drink is a nutritious food for all ages, in Europe and America enjoy “milk plant” in the world. Milk is rich in vegetable protein and phospholipids, also contains vitamins B1, B2 and niacin. In addition, milk also contains iron, calcium and minerals, especially calcium it contains, though, and tofu, but higher than any other milk, is very suitable for the elderly and infants. Seasons we can drink fresh milk. Recommended for everyone today is Joyoung Soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG recipe: Carrot milk to the baby food supplement is a very good idea.


Ingredients: 80g soybean,  1/3 carrots,  appropriatre carystal sugar



1.Rinse dry soybeans and soak at room temperature for about 6 to 8 hours, wash stand. Rinse and cut carrots into small pieces.

2.Pour all soaked soybeans and carrots into Joyoung Soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG, add water up to the level of water marks (90-1300 ml ), place the head into Joyoung Soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG  correctly, put the plug into socket, the indicator will be light up, and then press the “Select” button to choose the “Grains” function, the “Grains” button will be light up and blinking, then press “Start/ Cancle” button to start the soymilk procedure. After 15minutes, the three sections of the control panel lights are all bright and the machine beeps to signal that the soymilk is done and ready for use. Then, you can unplug the power and pull out the machine head.

3.Use the metal stainer and plastic pitcher to filter out okara grainy from the soymilk, then can be flavored with appropriate crystal suger.

Tips: carrots are rich in sugar, fat, volatile oil, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, calcium, iron and other nutrients, known as “Little ginseng,” said the spleen and stomach, liver eyesight, heat and detoxification, with nutrient-rich soy, very suitable for kids.


Joyoung soy milk maker recipe: wolfberry milk paste

Today we will use Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG to make a simple healthy organic beverage. When you are hungry, you can have a try this soy milk maker recipe!



Wolfberry : 50G
Fresh Milk : 200ML
Rice : 50G
Water : The minimum amount of water the water line

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG recipe

Health wolfberry milk paste approach:

1, Wash the rice, soaked into water for 30 minutes. Wash wolfberry, soaked in boiling water for 30 minutes.

2, Drained water that the rice soaked in, put the rice into the Joyoung soy milk maker, put soaked wolfberry and water together into Joyoung soy milk maker.

3, Add milk, while adding a minimum amount of water to the water line.

4, According to the “grain” button, Soy milk maker automatic production success.

Tips :
Wolfberry have seed, so after the success of soybean milk production, need to use mesh to filter, otherwise it will affect the taste.

Wolfberry itself because it is very sweet, so do not need the additional sugar.


Joyoung Soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG Recipe : Wolfberry walnut Soymilk

Modern medical research suggests that walnuts contain phospholipids, and does have a good health care on the brain . In addition to brain, walnut oil contains essential trace elements the body of unsaturated fatty acids and zinc, manganese, chromium and the like. Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, promote glucose utilization, cholesterol metabolism and protect cardiovascular function. Regular consumption of walnuts, both strong body, but also puzzle brain, but also anti-aging and disease prevention. It is of great benefit. Today we will use Joyoung Soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG to make Wolfberry walnut Soymilk.


Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG Recipe:Wolfberry walnut Soymilk


Walnut: 25 gm

Soybeans : 50 gm

Wolfberry 5 gm

Red Rock Sugar: 20 – 30 gm

Water: 500ml


1) Rinse soybeans, walnuts, wolfberry, Put them into the cup of Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG together.(Soybeans, walnuts soaked with water more than six hours the better);

2)Pour clean water to the water line, power on, press the start switch, select the “Grains“;

3) Joyoung soymilk maker will ring after 10 minutes. The machine will beep when it is done. wolfberry walnut milk is produced and completed;

4) Lastly, add rock sugar and evaporated milk, stir till sugar dissolved.

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