How to Select a Noodle Pasta Maker

A box of noodle at the store doesn’t cost all that much and usually tastes fine, but there some difference that between home-made and ready-made such as the taste and the scent.

Noodle makers simplify the job of making your own noodle at home so you can get that perfect flavor and texture more often. If you like the idea of making homemade pasta, we will help you select the best one.

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Aicooker Pasta Maker M3 Recipes: Different Noodles And Dumpling Wrapper

Pasta, is one of the most common staple food on our table, which to some extent connects the kitchen of the world from south to north. From rich pasta sauce, the different tastes of thousands of Chinese noodles, to pasta of southeast Asia with  sweet and sour flavor, all these can make our taste buds feel delicacies’ miracle. Now, let’s use our Aicooker pasta maker M3 to make different noodles and dumpling wrapper.


Water: 100 ML

Flour: 2 cups


1.Put flour into M3

2.Add 100ml water into M3. Then press the button. ( If you want to eat vegetable pasta or carrot pasta, you can use vegetable juice or carrot juice to replace water)

3. Press the button of ” 2 cup”.

4. Wait for 3 minutes,

the pasta will be ready to “get away from” the machine. Use Aicooker Pasta Maker M3, you can make other different noodles.

Thin spaghetti


Dumpling wrapper

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Aicooker Multi-functional Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3

Pasta makers, noodle makers as a new kind of kitchen appliances have a great vogue since they were brought to the world, especially to those who cannot live without pasta. But to make pasta on our own is not easy, good pasta makers are also of great significance. Today I’d like to introduce a powerful pasta maker: Aicooker Multi-functional Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3. Just follow my step to carefully get acquaintance with M3 pasta maker.

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