TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot Slow Cooker Healthy Cooker DGD40-40SWD 4L

Healthy cooking is a persistent concept for most families. So having soup is very popular now. Good machines help cook delicious and nutritious soup. TianJi purple clay slow cooker DGD40-40SWD will help.

Raw ore purple clay, no heavy metal, no harmful chemical coating, safe for cooking

We all remember that our grandma used earthen pots to cook meals for us. She Said that earthen pots are durable to use and is resistant to cold or hot temperature. That’s why Tianji Slow Cooker uses purple clay pot to cook food. It’s natural and healthy to cook food, no harmful material.

Fast / slow stew

Tianji Purple Clay Stew Pot Slow Cooker Healthy Cooker DGD40-40SWD is multifunctional. Fast stew function includes: Nutrition soup, Rib soup, Chicken soup and Meat soup, while slow stew includes: Double stew soup, Multi grain porridge, BB porridge and Desserts. And two additional functions porridge and instand soup are also available for you. There is no need to think about what to eat today.

4L capacity

Soup will become much more delicious if it’s enjoyed by family members or friends. So big capacity is so essential for such a good stew pot. 4L capacity is suitbale for a whole family. You shall feel so proud that the soup has been eaten.

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Electric Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker

Both slow cookers and electric pressure cookers can produce very similar dishes but operate in entirely different ways.


Slow cookers  cook in a relatively low temperature (at approximately 79°C–93°C or 175°F–200°F range) over a long period of time. Meanwhile, electric pressure cookers run at much higher temperature (over boiling point at 115°C~118°C or 239°F~244°F).

This difference in cooking mechanism results in drastically different cooking time. Typically an electric pressure cooker makes a dish under an hour, whereas the minimal cooking time for a slow cooker is 4 hours. An Electric pressure cooker saves about 75% electricity comparing to a slow cooker making a similar dish.

Apart from the difference in cooking temperature, there are two other physical differences

1. Insulated housing
Slow cookers typically do not have insulated housing, whereas electric pressure cookers do. This contributes to energy efficiency advantage to electric pressure cookers.

2. Sealed cooking
A electric pressure cooker is fully sealed under pressure, letting out no steams and no smells. This is not the case for slow cookers. This makes electric pressure cooker a winner in keeping the kitchen clean and the house smell free.

One disadvantage often cited against slow cookers is that vitamins and other trace nutrients are lost, particularly from vegetables, partially by enzyme action during cooking. When vegetables are cooked at higher temperatures these enzymes are rapidly denatured and have less time in which to act during cooking.

Another disadvantage of slow cookers is that they don’t heat the food at a temperature high enough to remove common toxins (for example in raw kidney beans, and some other beans). On the other hand, electric pressure cookers are very good at detoxifying food, owning to its higher than boiling point operating temperature.

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