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Best Soy Milk Makers 2016

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, or you are allergic to lactose or eggwhite, you should consider buying a soy milk maker. This device can prepare soymilk and many other healthy and tasty meals from fruit, vegetables, and nuts. You should certainly have it in your kitchen!

Best Pick

Joyoung dj13u-d81sg easy-clean automatic hot soy milk maker


  • Joyoung Latest Flagship Model, #1 Best Soy Milk Maker
  • Functions: Porridge, Rice Paste, Non-staple food, Soup, Energy Soup, Creamy Soymilk, Nutritious Grain, Concentrated Soymilk, Soymilk Fast, Keep Warm, Easy Was
  • Broken-free filtration system, Crushing effect increased by 40%; Patented Intelligent heating 5 step boiled nutrition, nutrition would be fully released
  • Voltage of 110-120V, Designed for USA & Canada market; Capacity of 900~1300ml, Suitable for 2-4 People

Reasonable Price:Joyoung Cts-1078s Easy-clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker




  • Special Cooking Modes for Soymilk, Soap, Rice Paste, Juice and Other Recipes
  • No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • 1.0L to 1.2L Capacity, Suitable for 2-3 people; 110-120 Volt Compatible, Designed for US market
  • Can Use Soaked or Dry Soy Beans! Can make cold drink
  • Free Bonus Coagulant: Enough for solidifying 50 pots of soy milk into Tofu Flower (豆腐花). It will last for 1 year for weekly use.

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Can Domestic Soymilk Maker Be Used in America?

Soymilk maker is one of the common kitchen appliances. It can be used to make soymilk, juice, porridge, etc. However, many American people have a question that can domestic soymilk maker be used in America? Will it work? Now, Huarenstore is going to answer this question.

The answer is, no, it can not be used in the US, because the voltages are different. Voltage in China is 220V, 50Hz, yet 110V, 60Hz in America. The machine will not work or will be damaged if it works under wrong voltage.


So if you have brought a soymilk maker from China to America, we suggest you to buy a voltage transformer, whose rated power should be above 2000W.

There are many soymilk brands in America, such as Joyoung, Sonya, Welbon, which are designed for North American users with 120V. Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG is the best soymilk maker in America market. It adopts broken-fee filtration system and 360°stereo heating technique, which improve the grinding effect by 40%. The soymilk can be drunk without filtration. Apart from making soymilk, It has powerful functions like making porridge, juice, baby food, pottage, mung bean, etc. The capacity is between 900-1300ml, suiting 2-4 people drinking.


The soymilk maker bought from China can not be used in America.  In the US, there are many supermarkets selling Joyoung soymilk maker, as well as some online stores like Amazon, Ebay, and Huarenstore.

For the people who want to buy or learn more information about this soymilk make, please click this link: http://en.huarenstore.com/joyoung-soy-milk-maker-dj13u-d81sg.html ,
Huarenstore offers $22 off via coupon “Blog22” and free shipping.

Where Can People Buy 110V Appliances in America?

As we know, the 220V appliances are not available on America. However, as the largest manufacturer, China also produces 110V appliances. So where can people buy a 110V appliance? Purchase online or offline?

  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances in America?

In America, shopping stores like Wal-Mart, Macys sell 110V appliances from China, as well as online stores like Amazon, Ebay and Huarenstore, from where people can buy 110V appliances.

110V Appliances

  1. Online or offline?

For offline stores, the best advantage is experience personally, yet the product types are limited compared to the products displayed online, where people can get more information from. Buying a 110V appliance online can save store rent and other fees, and the price is generally lower. And you can just enjoy the product getting to you, without any effect. You can place an order online no matter when or where, and you can also leave a review after using.


  1. Where can people buy 110V appliances?

Well, people can buy 110V appliances online easily. Amazon, a large shopping platform, has full product ranges, which yet makes it a disadvantage, less professional. However, some B2C online stores, for example, HuarenStore.com, specializes in kitchen appliances including 110V Joyoung soy milk maker, Midea pressure cooker, Midea rice cooker, slow stew pot, etc. Their customer service is absolutely an extra advantage.

In America, people usually ask for a coupon code before buying an appliance, because it will lower the price. Huarenstore offers some appliance coupon codes below.


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Use Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG to make tasty soymilk

In American Life, a cup of hot soy milk will bring you a bright and sweet mood in the morning. Our body can absorb the rich nutrition from soy milk easily. When making soy milk, Non-GMO soybean would be a better choice, and you can also add some ingredients like black soybean, green bean or peanut, to make the soy milk smother and tasty when drinking. The soy milk is also good for our health. It can strength your body and prevent diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, bronchitis, senile dementia, obesity, etc. HuarenStore is making a cup of tasty and sugar-free soy milk for you with Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker.
Ingredients: a cup of soybean, water
Tools: Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG, filter, bowl, cup
1.Wash appropriate soybean and soak them for 5-6 hours. Pour away the soaked water and wash the soybean again. Put the soybean in a bowl and be ready to start the machine.
2.Add appropriate water till the waterline between 900ml-1300ml.
3.Plug in the power, all of the function lights of Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk maker light up.
4.Press the “soymilk function” and choose “soybean”, and then press “Start/Cancel” to start working.
5.After about 20 mins, the voice from the machine reminds you the soy milk is ready, with the “soymilk” function light flickering. At this moment you can disconnect plug and open the machine, you will feel a puff of delicious smell coming to you.
6.The bean dregs left in Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk maker are very fine and tiny.
7.Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG soy milk machine allows you to drink a cup of pure soy milk directly without filtration. The bean dregs can also be used for making pancake if you like.

Warm remind:
1.The filtered soy milk can be boiled in a clean pot. Churn it slowly when heating up. The re-boiled soy milk is tasted better!
2.Sugars can be added if necessary.

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG Recipe: Red Bean Paste

Red bean paste is  a dessert that I really like. The material is simple, there is no complex taste but with a little sweet taste. In Chinese banquets, many restaurants will use tangerine skin red bean paste for dessert. Red Bean Paste is very easy to do, but with the general practice is to waste time. Here we use the Joyoung Soybean Milk machine to make the red bean, it’s very convenient and saving-time.

Joyoung soy milk maker make Red bean paste

[Main Ingredient]

Red Bean: 2 cup (washed,soak for 6 hours or overnight)

Dried Tangerine Skin: 1 small piece

Rock Sugar: 85g

Water: 1100-1300ML

Soya Milk Maker Method:

1) Place all ingredients into Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG soy milk maker;

2) Turn on power supply> press “Good Soymilk” > select “Grains” function > press Start;

3) When red bean paste is ready, soy milk maker will beep to signal ready;

4) Pour out red bean paste and it’s ready for consumption.

Normal Method:

1) Place all Ingredients (except rock sugar) into a pot, bring to a boil over high flame,then lower flame to simmer till red beans turn soft and cooked
2) Add rock sugar to taste, and it’s ready for consumption
3) If a smooth consistency red bean paste is prefer, blend cooked red bean in a blender andblend to desire consistency

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Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. DJ13U-D08SG

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG is the top-level Model in 2015. It not only can play as soybean milk maker, can also do food cooking. Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG is the flagship model in 2014. Many people get confused, what is the difference between Joyoung D81SG and D08SG? Which is worth to buy? Today we have to explain the difference between the two products for you.


Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. Joyoung DJ13U-D08SG

1. Different appearance

See the above image.

2. Different panel features


3. Different head


4. Different grinding device


5. More user-friendly design


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Joyoung soy milk maker recipe: BlackGlutinous Rice

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG has a ‘Delicious Porridge’ function.  Let’s make BlackGlutinous Rice recipe with Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG.

BlackGlutinous Rice


1 cup black glutinous rice
3/10 cup white glutinous rice
½ cup rock sugar

kitchen appliances: Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG


1. Wash the glutinous rice and together with rock sugar put it into Joyoung soy milk maker.

2. Add water to 1100 ml water level.

3. On the machine and select “Porridge”function and press “Start” button to start cooking.

4. After cooking, add coconut milk as desired.

Duration : 35 minutes

Note that the cup is provided upon purchase of the Joyoung Soy Milk Maker.

More soy milk maker recipes, please visit: http://en.huarenstore.com/joyoung-soy-milk-maker-dj13m-d81sg.html


Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Recipe- Passion Fruit Konnyaku

Konnyaku has very low calories, high fibre. It helps to normalise cholesterol and blood sugar level. Prevents high blood pressure. We need to use Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13M-D81SG to make this recipe.

Joyoung  soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG

Ingredient A:

Konnyaku powder 1 pkt

Rock sugar 1 cup

Water 900 ml

Ingredient B:

Passion Fruit 4-6 (fill to about 1 cup)

Passion Fruit Konnyaku Making Method:

1. Add ingredient A into Joyoung soy milk Maker.

2. Press ‘Bisque/浓汤’ function, then press ‘start’.

3. Meanwhile, dig out the flesh of the passion fruit and mash/separate it.

4. When the machine beeps, add the passion fruit into the jug and mix well.

5. Now pour into mould and chill for 3 hours before serving.

Soy Milk Maker Recipe- Passion Fruit Konnyaku

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Where to Buy Soy Milk Makers in New York

Soy Milk Makers is available at the following retail stores in New York.  If you cannot find a local store in your area, Soy Milk Makers is also available for online orders at Huarenstore. Group purchase or wholesaler are also most welcome.

Huarenstore.com is a Kitchen Appliances online shopping site, dedicated to bring the customers great shopping experience with top-notch soy milk makers. It is North America’s best-selling website which sales the lowest price of soy milk makers. There are lots of soymilk maker brands, such as JOYOUNG, OUKE, SONYA, GOURMET and WELBON.

Joyoung  soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG

Our company is headquartered in New Jersey. If you are in New York, you just need a day to receive our goods, free shipping.

Customers may need to pay the extra for shipping to Canada, HI or Ak (Calculated automatically in Cart).

Delivery Time


More details, please visit: http://en.huarenstore.com/soy-milk-maker.html

Joyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. DJ13M-D08SG

Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13M-D81SG is the top-level Model in 2015. It not only can play as soybean milk maker, can also do food cooking. Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG is the flagship model in 2014. Many people get confused, what is the difference between Joyoung D81SG and D08SG? Which is worth to buy? Today we have to explain the difference between the two products for you.

joyoung-dj13m-d08sg-VS-dj13m-d81sgJoyoung DJ13M-D81SG VS. Joyoung DJ13M-D08SG

1. Different appearance

2. Different panel features


3. Different head


4. Different grinding device


5. More user-friendly design


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