Buydeem Health-Care Kettle K2684 Offers You a Healthy Life

If you are a health nut looking for a machine that can help you make a healthy diet, Buydeem Health-Care Kettle K2684 will be your good choice. Combining a tea maker with a stew pot, Buydeem K2684 is not only a beverage and tea maker, but also a 9 in 1 programmable brew cooker. Even if you can’t live like a health nut all the time,  at least you’ll get an excellent second-hand to provide you a more healthy life!


Are you wondering how does 9 in 1 programmable brew cooker work? It combines 9 kitchen appliances in 1. With built-in programs, it could be used as tea maker, stew pot, dessert maker, warmer, slow cooker yogurt maker and electric kettle.

Different kinds of food need different degrees. Buydeem K2684 knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favorite blend, keeping nutrition and natural flavors and aromas, providing a varied and balanced diet for you and your family. You no longer have to struggle setting up time or temperature, just select the mode of the food you want to make!

What’s more, the lift-out stainless steel infuser and stew pot are provided to use according to various cooking demand. While the infuser is easy to steep tea bags or tea leaves with infuser, the glass is added to stew food separately with water. Unique ‘lid in lid’ design help to change tea basket and stew pot conveniently.

Take cooking soup for example, you may be quite straightforward to operate it. Buydeem Health-Care Kettle K2684 is ready to fulfill your healthy lifestyle needs.

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