Aicooker Digital Rice Cooker With Purple Clay Pot F401B – Unboxing and Test

Aicooker has combined rice cooker with purple clay pot to bring consumers a new innovated rice cooker – Aicooker Digital Purple Clay Pot Rice Cooker F401B. If you are wondering whether it is functional or worth to buy, we are here to give you the answer.

Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep off wear and tear.

Product Accessories:

Rice cooker*1; Power line*1; Rice scoop*1; Soup ladle*1; Measuring cup*1; Specification*1

Product Details:

Aicooker Purple Clay Pot Rice Cooker looks luxurious in brushed stainless steel body. Beside the body, there is a holder for rice scoop and soup ladle.

Removable steam valve brings you great convenience to clean it.

What makes Aicooker Rice Cooker F401B different from the traditional cooker is the purple clay pot. And the reasons that make purple clay pot outstanding are as follow:

1.It is able to absorb and decompose oil so the soup won’t taste greasy.

2.The material is breathable and is good for keeping nutrition and bringing out the flavor.

3.It is rich in micro-elements which are good to health.

It is suitable for 3-6 family members with 4L capacity.

Product Functions:

Aicooker Rice Cooker F401B has 6 cooking modes – quick rice, crispy rice, clay pot rice, porridge, soup, sticky rice. It’s ready to satisfy your different needs.

In addition, it allows you to preset the time (up to 24 hours) so that you can enjoy the meal whenever you want. What’s more, it also has timing function. You are able to set the time up to 2 hours when choosing “porridge” mode while up to 4 hours when choosing “soup” mode.

Recipes: Rids Claypot Rice

Ingredients: Rids, Onions, Chilis, Fermented soya beans, White sugar, Cornstarch, Soy sauce, Cooking wine, Rice


1.Put the ribs, white sugar, onion, cornstarch, soy sauce, cooking wine and fermented soya beans into the bowl and stir them.

2.Wash the mushrooms and cut them into pieces.

3.Wash the rice, put into the purple clay pot, and then pour some oil.

4.Choose “Claypot Rice”and then “start”.

5.Wait until 20 minutes countdown, put the mushroom and rid into the pot.

6.Put some soy sauce, white sugar, salt, oil and water into the bowl and mix them.

7.When the cooker gets into the insulated keeping warm state, pour the mixed juice into it.

8.The tasty rid calypot rice is finished!


1. Purple clay pot is perfect for stewing soup. Buy keeping the nutrition, the soup tastes not only non-greasy but also juicy.

2. “Claypot Rice” is a practical function. It is friendly to those people who don’t want to cook. You only need to put the ingredients into the cooker and wait for your meal.

3. Preset Time Function is really an excellent function because it allows us to eat whenever we want!


1. You must be very careful not to break the purple clay pot.

2. Rice may scorch in the bottom of the pot when cooking claypot rice.


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