Tianji Mini 2L Rice Cooker FD20D With Ceramic Inner Pot – Unboxing And Test

Nowadays, rice cooker is a kind of common kitchen appliances. Different from the other common rice cookers, Tianji Mini Rice Cooker FD20D is equipped with a ceramic inner pot. Made of natural porcelain clay, the ceramic pot is good at keeping the nutrition of rice and food as well as beneficial to your health. If you are interesting in this Tianji Rice Cooker, just go on with this article.

Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep off wear and tear.

Product Accessories:

Rice cooker*1; Power line*1; Rice scoop*1; Soup ladle*1; Rice scoop holder*1; Specification*1

Product Details:Ceramic Inner Pot

1.Fired by 1300℃ high temperature, the ceramic pot of Tianji Rice Cooker FD20D is not easy to crack and able to reduce water loss. The circular arc design of the pot guarantees the strong heat-trapping capacity and can heat the rice more evenly.

What’s more, this ceramic pot with 2L capacity is suitable for the family with 1-3 members and small enough to save your kitchen space.

2.Rice Scoop Holder

Hang the rice scoop holder on the groove of the Tianji Mini Rice cooker and then you can put the rice scoop into the scoop holder when it’s not in use.

3.Removable Inner Lid & Steam Valve

When the rice cooker starts cooking, the foam will overflow and smudge the inner lid and steam valve. It is easy to cause germs when some corners can not be cleaned for a long time. Removable design is perfect for easy and convenient cleaning as well as avoids bacterial growth.

4.Operation Panel

Tianji Mini Rice Cooker FD20D operation board is a touch-tone panel. There are 6 functions including clay pot rice, baby porridge, soup, porridge, rice and preset.

Time preset for cooking is easy. Firstly, press “Preset”, and then press ”Hour” or “Minute” to adjust the time. After that, choose the cooking function you want and press “start”. When the preset time is over, Tianji Rice Cooker will start to cook.


  1. One bottom of touch-tone operation board corresponds to one cooking function. It’s easy for both elder and the young to use.
  2. Ceramic pot is perfect to keep the nutrition and bring out the flavor of food.
  3. It’s quiet during cooking.
  4. Preset function allows you to cook whenever you want.



  1. Ceramic inner pot is heavier than metal pot and easy to broken. You must be careful while holding it.
  2. Rice scoop holder isn’t suitable for soup ladle.


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