2018 New Liven Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 – Unboxing And Test

Liven, as the first brand in electric baking pan, has never stopped their steps in designing baking pan skillet griddle for every customer. Today we are going to show you how Liven Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 really looks like and how does it work.

Package and Accessories:

Same as other product, there are two packaging boxes to keep Liven Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 off wear and tear.

Product Accessories:

Electric Baking Pan*1, Specification*1, Wooden Ladle*1

Product Details:

1.Side Opening Design

Unlike the other clamshell baking pan, Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 with a ergonomic handle is designed to avoid scalding injury and for easy opening.

2.Two Pans Design

Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 can not only be used with one pan but also offer you two pans after open it to 180 degree. One pan for frying while the other for barbecue. Free to make your favorite dishes at the same time.

3.Separated Switches

Equipped withⅠswitch andⅡswitch for separately switching on the power of the bottom pan and the upper pan.

4.Easy To Clean

The bottom pan of Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 is detachable. There is a detaching switch for detaching it so that is able to make your cleaning more easier.

5.Circular Heating Plate

Equipped with circular heating plate, Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 can cook more evenly and the temperature will be controlled between 185℃ to 230℃ to release more nutrition.

Recipe – Chopped Green Onion Pie

Ingredient: Flour, egg*2, green onions

Step 1: Crack the eggs into the bowl and mix with the flour.

Step 2: Add some water into the bowl and knead the flour into dough.

Step 4: Roll the dough into a wrapper and chop the green onions; put some oil and the chopped green onions on the wrapper.

Step 5: Roll the wrapper up and cup into pieces.

Step 6: Flatten then piece into flat cakes.

Step 7: Switch on both upper and bottom pans. Wait for a while for preheating Liven Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 and than add some oil.

Step 8: Put the flat cakes into the baking pan and brush them with oil.

Step 9: Cover the upper pan and choose “Pie/Fish”.

The pie is ready!


  1. Liven Electric Baking Pan Skillet Griddle LR-D7350 has 3 heating levels: crisp, medium & small, so that you can cook various types of food with different heating levels.
  2. Two pan can be controlled separately. The bottom pan is detachable for easy cleaning.
  3. Pause functionsallows you to leave for a while in an emergency situation and you are able to continue cooking when you are back.
  1. Side opening designand anti-scald handle offers convenient and safety operation.


  1. Upper pan is non-removable.
  2. There isn’t included oil brush, you have to buy it by yourself.


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