TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot Slow Cooker Healthy Cooker DGD40-40SWD – Unboxing And Test

Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot DGD40-40SWD off wear and tear.

Product Accessories:

Tianji stew pot*1, inner pot*1, pot lid*1, Chinese specificaiton*1, English specification*1, measuring cup*1, power line*1, steam valve*1

Product Details:

1.Purple Clay Inner Pot: The pot is unscratched. You may feel a little bit heavy if it’s your first time to use purple clay pot. However, you will soon get used to it. It’s suitable for 2-6 persons with 4L capacity.

It’s said that, purple clay pot is rich in trace elements that needed by human body and it won’t produce any chemical reaction with the ingredients.

2.Pot Lid: There are three steam valves on the lid which are used to prevent overflowing and keep the dust out of the pot.

3.Function Panel: The touch-screen control panel, adopted with 10 cooking menus including Nutrition soup, Rib soup, Chicken soup, Meat soup, Double stew soup, Multi grain porridge, BB porridge, Desserts, Porridge and Instant soup, is designed for convenient use and able to meet various types of needs.

TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot DGD40-40SWD also has preset and timer function. The maximum preset time is 24 hours which means it enables you to cook whenever you want, even when you are having a busy schedule. It’s quite easy to operate that you just need to get the ingredients ready and put them into the purple clay inner pot, plug in and press ”Preset/Timer”, set the time you need and finally choose one of the cooking menus.

If the default stewing time is not longer enough, you are able to extend the time by pressing the “Preset/Timer” function key, the extending time can set by pressing “Hours” and “Minutes”.

Recipe: Pork Ribs Soup With Yam

Ingredients: Pork ribs*500g, yam*1, Green onion*3

1.Cut the pork ribs and yam into pieces, chop the green onions

2.Put the ribs pieces into the boiling water for 3 minutes.

3.Put the pork rib and yams in to the purple clay inner pot, cover the lid, press “Instant soup” and then choose “Rib soup”.

4.Two hours later, the soup is done. Add the chopped green onions and some salts into the soup. Can’t wait to enjoy it!


1.Easy to use – press one key to select one of the four cooking menus. Easy for both the young and elder.

2.The soups cooked by TianJi Purple Clay Stew Pot DGD40-40SWD are not greasy.

3.It comes with a Chinese cookbook which includes 27 recipes with pictures. It’s convenient for you to make various types of soup.


1.It’s a little bit heavy for those people who are used to use metal inner pot.

2.Be careful when using and storing or you will break it.


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