Aicooker Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3 – Unboxing And Test

Homemade pasta is easy to prepare with Aicooker Automatic Pasta Maker M3, to better understand how it works, we are here to give you a text and unboxing about it.


Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep Aicooker Automatic Noodle Maker M3 off wear and tear. The machine is also packed in a plastic film.

Product Accessories:

Noodle maker*1, Water measuring cup*1, Flour measuring cup*1, Noodle mold*7, Dumpling mold*1, Cleaning scrapper*1, Power line*1, Specification*1, Cookbook*1

Product Details:

1.Aicooker Automatic Noodle Maker M3 comes with 7 noodle molds providing you more choices to make different kinds of noodles and with 1 dumpling mold for various types of food.

How to use the dumpling mold – Put the dumpling wrapper on the mold, add some ingredients and then close the mold, a dumpling is done.

2.Cleaning Wrapper: Despite its simple design, it’s very useful.

The shape of the needles at both sides of the wrapper are different. The round one can be used to clean the round hole molds while the flat one is used to clean the flat hole molds.

Moreover, you can use it to cut the noodle off the mold according to the length you want. When it comes to cleaning, the wrapper can also be used for scraping off the flour that sticks on the mixing tank.

3.Detachable Mixing Tank: The mixing tank of Aicooker Automatic Pasta Maker Noodle Maker M3 is detachable for easy cleaning.

4.It’s also easy for installation. There are two points needed to be noted during the installation. First, the stirring shaft should be installed on the exposed motor shaft. Second, press the upper cover after installing it to ensure it have been installed correctly or it won’t work.

5.Function Panel: With one “on/off”button and three capacity buttons – 1 cup, 2 cups and 3 cups, Aicooker M3 is made for ease of use. It’s easy to operate even for those who are first time to use it.

How To Use – Making Green Noodle

Ingredients: 1 cup of flour, 60ml green vegetable juice

Step 1: Add the flour into the mixing tank and cover the upper lid.

Step 2: Plug in and choose the function key according to the amount of your flour.

Step 3: Add the juice into the mixing tank when Aicooker Noodle Maker M3 starts to mixing the flour.

Step4: About 13 minutes later, the noodle will be done. (1 cup of flour is enough for an adult)


1.All kind of flours can be used with Aicooker Pasta Maker M3.

2.With 260W power motor, it’s able to get noodles ready in 3 minutes

3.There is a storage space for users to storage the moulds so you don’t have to worry about losing the little gadgets.


The dumpling wrappers that made by Aicooker Pasta Maker M3 are thicker than that we buy from the market.


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