Aicooker Induction Heating Rice Cooker AIRC-4001-Unboxing And Test


As well as other products, Aicooker Induction Heating Rice Cooker AIRC-4001 is packed into two package boxes which can help keeping off wear and tear.

Product Accessories:

Rice cooker*1, inner pot*1, steamer*1, measuring cup*1, rice scoop*1, soup ladle*1, power cord*1, warranty card*1, Chinese specification*1, English specification*1

Product Display:

Product Details:

1.Detachable Inner Lid: Press the buckles on the both sides of the inner lid to remove it. To install it, you just need to put it in the right place and press the buckles.

2.Detachable Steam Valve: It’s also very easy to pry the steam valve off only with your hand.

3.Inner Pot: The inner pot of Aicooker Induction Heating Rice Cooker AIRC-4001 is a little bit heavy because it is made of pure iron-based material which can promote heating value via electromagnetic induction produced by iron element.

Besides, it is covered with food-grade non-stick material so the rice, cake or other ingredients are hard to stick on the inner pot.

4.Digital Operation Panel: It offers you Standard Cook, Quick Cook, Delicious Cook, Clay Pot Rice, Soup, Porridge, Congee and Cake cooking functions. It’s easy to operate with one-touch control.

To satisfy different individual’s taste, Aicooker Rice Cooker AIRC-4001 also has humanized “Rice Type” which includes fragrant rice, brown rice and other rice. What’s more, you are able to choose the taste you like via “Taste” button.

In addition, 24 hours intelligent preset function has been design. It allows you to enjoy the meals whenever you want.

5.Internal Design: The grain of the internal design is a rose. It is surrounded by conical bulges to increase the heating area of the inner pot.

Recipe – Pigeon Soup

Ingredients: Pigeon*1, longan pulp*20g, red date*15g, meldars*5g, codonopsis pilosula*5g, angelica sinensis*5g, ginger, green onion

Step 1: Cut the pigeon into pieces.

Step 2: Put all the ingredients into the inner pot and add appropriate amount of water.

Step 3: Plug in, choose “Soup” and press ”Start” to start cooking.

Step 4: 1.5 hours later, tasty soup is done. Add some salt and enjoy it!


1.The operation panel design is humanized and it’s easy to operate with lightly one-touch control.

2.The parts of Aicooker IH Rice Cooker that need to be cleaned are detachable while the installations are simple too.

3.It’s able to cook the soup without losing any water. Add the water as much as you want to drink.


The whole rice cooker is really a little bit heavy.


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