Liven Double-flavors Bamboo Electric Hot pot DHG-ZY510 – Unboxing And Test

Being the first brand in electric baking pan, Liven also targets on electric hot pot market and has produced their own hot pots. Liven Double-flavors Bamboo Electric Hot pot DHG-ZY510 is the new one they released this year. There are quite a bit of the innovation over the original hot pots. Let’s start unboxing and test to see what surprise it will bring us.

Significant Product Parameters:

Voltage: 120V (American standard voltage)

Capacity: 5.1L(Suitable for 4-6 persons)

Rate Of Power: 1500W

Size: 357*262*80mm

Package and Accessories:

Product Accessories:

Hot Pot*1, glass lid*1, bamboo bracket*1, bamboo bracket base*1, screw*8, bracket legs*4, wrench*1, power cord*1, Chinese specification*1, English specification*1, warranty card*1

Product Details:

1.Thickened High-class Materials:

Compared with ordinary hot pots, Liven Bamboo Electric Hot pot DHG-ZY510 is thicker with smooth texture as well as the non-stick inner layer is designed for easy cleaning and other usage like fry and roast. Besides, it has a large capacity which is suitable for 4-5 persons. Can’t wait to have a hot pot enjoyment!

2.Bamboo Bracket :

Made of natural bamboo, the bracket is eco-friendly and can effectively fix the hot pot to avoid scalding. Due to its detachable feature, we need to install it at the first time we use it.

How to install the bracket?

First, fix the bracket base with the bracket legs by putting the screws through the screw-holes and twisting the screws to tighten the bracket legs.

Second, put the bamboo bracket on the bracket legs after the they have been fixed with the bracket base. Again use the wrench to twist the screws to tighten the bracket with four legs.

The installation is done.

3.Power Cord With Coupler:

With 5-range power adjustments coupler, Liven Double-flavors Bamboo Electric Hot pot DHG-ZY510 is able to offer different temperatures. When it’s time to cook your meat, seafood, and vegetables, the coupler can give you access to desired temperature.

Same as other hot pot, what you need to do is just plug this power cord into the socket of the Live Hot Pot and start cooking.

Liven Double-flavors Bamboo Electric Hot pot DHG-ZY510 Testing

To make sure whether the water will leak into the other side, we added 4L water into the hotpot and plugged in.

20 minutes later, the water began to bubble. You may think that it takes a long time to boil. Actually, some hotpot may takes you 11 minutes to boil only 1.5L water.

For obvious contrast, we added some soy sauce in the left side. After a while, the water in the right side were still clean. So just be worry-free to use it!


1.Compare with the stainless steel hot pots, Live Bamboo Hop Pot is thicker and hard to deform.

2.The coupler is touch-tone design, the indicator light change with each adjustment.

3.Non-leakage. Effectively avoid the different soups blend together.

4.The power cord is thick too which makes it more safer.



1.Installation isn’t included in the instruction book.

2.The price is a bit expensive. However, you will get what you pay for.


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