Delicious And Quick Recipes For Aicooker Purple Clay Rice Cooker F401B

You may probably know about purple clay slow cooker, but have you ever heard of purple clay rice cooker? Actually, it’s a kind of innovate kitchen appliances that combined purple clay pot with rice cooker. This means that, one purple clay rice cooker is able to work as a rice cooker as well as a purple clay slow cooker.

If you are attracted by this versatile kitchen appliance, you are like to enjoy the following recipes that made with Aicooker Purple Clay Rice Cooker F401B which may let you know more about this kind of appliances.

Recipe 1 – Creamy Corn

Creamy Corn is the perfect comforting side dish. This easy recipe uses fresh ingredients you likely have on hand already to create the most delicious dish.

Ingredients: corn*2, milk*400ml, white sugar

1.Rinse the corns and cut them into pieces;

2.Put the corns and add the milk into the purple clay inner pot;

3.Add some white sugar, and choose “soup” function;

4.20 minutes is enough to get the corn cooked. Serve immediately.

Recipe 2 – Chicken Rice With Mushrooms

Ingredients: 4 cups of rice, mushroom*50g, carrot*2, chicken legs*2, onion, ginger

1.Rinse all the ingredients, set aside;

2.Cut the mushrooms, carrots and chicken legs into pieces;

3.Chop the onion and ginger, put into the purple clay inner pot;

4.Carrots, mushrooms, chicken legs and rice add into the inner pot, mix all the ingredients with some water;

5.Choose “Rice” function, when it automatically turn into keep-warm mode, you are free to enjoy it.

Recipe 3 – Pear Sweet Soup With White Fungus

Ingredients: White fungus*1, pear*1, red dates*10g, medlar*3g

1.Peel the pear and cut into pieces; rinse and soak the white fungus and cut into small pieces;

2.Combine all the ingredients into the purple clay pot;

3.Add appropriate amount of water; choose “Soup” function;

4.40 minutes later, add some rock sugar and medlar, cover the lid for continue cooking;

5.It takes another 10 minutes to finish cooking.

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