Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker

Cuckoo rice cookers are well known for their tasty cooked rice. Actually there are some advanced technologies adopted by Cuckoo Rice Cooker which makes it one of the most outstanding rice cookers around the world.

Smart Algorithms

Programmed and developed with over 30 years of research, the smart algorithms adjust the power and pressure level to accommodate different types of cooking.

Pressure Cooking

This special feature does not only reduce up to 70% of cooking time and energy usage, it also heats food evenly to allow the minerals to stay undissolved and helps food retain its original flavors. The high temperature also eliminate harmful microorganisms and reduce aflatoxin concentration to safe levels.

Heating Technology

Induction heating technology heats food with radio frequency electricity emitted from the induction heating zone underneath the pot. The entire pot acts as the heating element so that food can cooked more evenly. This innovative feature is capable of heating food up to 20% quicker!

Unique Coating

The inner pot is coated with CUCKOO’s X-Wall coating, which keeps food from being contaminated by harmful substances and prevents rice from sticking.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Recommendation

1.Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

The world’s first rice cooker with detachable inner lid. It ensures easy cleaning and can effectively avoid getting mildewed. It also comes with a turbo device to get rid of spilling problem.

In addition, Cuckoo CR-0351F also has a few cooking functions, including gultinous rice, mixed brown, porridge, steam, reheat and turbo cooking which allows you to cook rice faster than you could otherwise. As rice cookers go, this one is on the small size and has a maximum capacity of 6 cups of cooked rice.

2.Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker CR-0631F 

At first glance, the main differences between CR-0631F and CR-0351 is that this one is twice as big (12 cups of cooked rice)and the style is significantly different. Cuckoo CR-0631F has a slow cooking function, so it could actually be used as a slow cooker.

By the way, it also comes with an additional Gaba Rice function. GABA rice may help lower blood pressure, improve kidney function and reduce sleeplessness.

3.Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Pressure Rice Cooker

This model with 3L capacity (12 cups of cooked rice) is equipped with multiple functins: Gultinous rice, Gaba rice, Sushi rice, Multi cook, Mixed brown, Porridge, Beans, High Heat, Nu Rung Ji. And it has Korean voice prompt.

What’s more, the titanium alloy material of the inner pot provides a fast and effective heating rate meanwhile the X-wall coating of has high pressure resistant and can offer non-stick cooking.


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