Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker

Cuckoo rice cookers are well known for their tasty cooked rice. Actually there are some advanced technologies adopted by Cuckoo Rice Cooker which makes it one of the most outstanding rice cookers around the world.

Smart Algorithms

Programmed and developed with over 30 years of research, the smart algorithms adjust the power and pressure level to accommodate different types of cooking. Read More

Tianji Mini 2L Rice Cooker FD20D With Ceramic Inner Pot – Unboxing And Test

Nowadays, rice cooker is a kind of common kitchen appliances. Different from the other common rice cookers, Tianji Mini Rice Cooker FD20D is equipped with a ceramic inner pot. Made of natural porcelain clay, the ceramic pot is good at keeping the nutrition of rice and food as well as beneficial to your health. If you are interesting in this Tianji Rice Cooker, just go on with this article.

Package and Accessories:

There are two packaging boxes to keep off wear and tear.

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Midea Taste Maker All-in-One Multi-Functional Rice Cooker MMC1710-B


The Midea Multi-Cooker MMC1710-B is the result of years of refining Asian design and incorporates an all-in-one pre-programmed menu for easy cooking with high-quality results. The removable, super thick hemisphere bowl with its honeycomb inspired surface ensures uniform heating to preserve nutrients in every serving. The defrost function is unique to it’s kind and makes it safe to thaw and cook frozen foods.

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3 reasons to buy Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19

Joyoung is a kitchen appliance enterprise that specializes in researching, producing and selling healthy diet appliance. Its products are sold to dozens of countries in the world. In the North American area, Joyoung wins supports among customers by the high quality and high cost performance. So as the Joyoug smart rice cooker JYF-40FS19. If you are not sure which electric rice cooker do you like, read on, the following three reasons will tell you why Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19 is worth buying!1.正面图

Reason 1: Humanized Appearance Design

– Adopts light champagne & white appearance and high quality plastic material, fashion and fresh.

– Large control panel: with four large digit, clear and convenient.

– LED cooking visual progress bar: cooking progress is shown, can master the cooking process.

– Humanized handle design: thoughtful handle design, proof scald and easy move.操控面板

Reason 2: Strong Function

Eight cooking functions: Standard, Fast cooking, Nice cooking, Stove cooking, Porridge, Soup, Steamed, Cake. People can choose different cooking function according to the food materials.

Three rice type functions: Brown rice, Long-grain rice, Short-grain rice. It will automatically adjust the cooking program according to the rice type.

Three tastes choice: Standard, soft, hard, which meets your family’s satisfaction提手设计.

Reason 3: Profession Cooking

  1. Efficient energy-gathered firepower: large firepower, precisely temperature control, release 100% nutrition.
  2. Smart temperature sensor: real-time monitoring, can control the boiling temperature and promote the rice release nutrition.
  3. Five smart cooking programs: five stages intelligent heating up technique, extend the boiling time to allow rice to absorb more water.
  4. Five layers inner pot: 2mm inner pot, super heating-gathered and heat conduction ensure the rice evenly heated.性能更专业

Apart from the three reasons above, Joyoung Smart Rice Cooker JYF-40FS19 also has 24 hours preset time, allowing you a flexible cooking time. Heat preserved up to 12 hours, allowing you to have hot rice anytime. 4L of capacity, suitable for general family. 120 voltage, directly used in America.

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