Points back rules of reviews

Reviews time limit

Customers can write reviews after the completion of the order, and the time of review is not limited;

Reviews submission

Customers should make a legal, fair, objective and true reviews based on the real transaction, reflecting the real situation of the goods or services. We encourage originality and eliminating the behaviors of plagiarism, and reviews including meaningless and violation of laws and regulations will not be published. Your reviews will provide effective reference for other consumers.
1.In order to ensure the objectivity of the reviews, you can’t modify or delete the reviews once they are published successfully.
2.Purchase multiple items of the same model in the same order and perform multiple evaluations, and the system only reviews one evaluation..
3.The reviews shall not contain any link, otherwise it cannot be submitted.
4.After the review is published successfully, it may be displayed on the front page of app, search, store and other places besides the product details page.

Reward rules of points for reviews

We value all the reviews so a certain amount of bonus points will be given to the reviews that meet the relevant conditions (additional reviews are not included).

Points back rules of reviews: sharing your shopping experience, and you will get 300 points immediately ($3), and the reviews with pictures will get extra 200 points ($2).

Following types of reviews will not get points (including but not limited to):
1.Points will only be awarded after purchasing this product; products of the same model of the same order can only be awarded points for the first evaluation.;
2.The same content repeats, or more than 30% of the review are repeated; only the first review can get points when repeated reviews submitted;
3. More than 80% of the review are copied;
4. The reviews have nothing to do with the purchased goods or has no reference value or are reported by more than 5 netizens or violates laws and regulations.
5. No points can be earned for guest reviews.
6. Wrong evaluation of the product, you need to republish the product evaluation of the correct model to get points.

Reviews audit rules

Huarenstore will audit the reviews and only those that meet the rules and pass the audit can be displayed to other users. For those who fail to pass the audit, they can't get bonus points, and his review can't be displayed. We’ll audit the reviews within one week.

Reviews that meets following cases will not be published: (including but not limited to the following):
1. It contains contents involving political harmfulness, pornographic vulgarity, violence, anti-government speech, gambling, drugs and other serious violations of laws and regulations.
2. There is no relationship between the reviews and the goods purchased or the purchase record can’t be found.
3.The review includes only a screen capture of shopping, or pictures are not clear enough to share.
4. It contains advertising information, abuse, foul language, disclosure of other people's privacy information, serious discomfort and other contents that violate public order and good customs.
5.The reviews are submitted by malicious behaviors such as swiping orders, using reviews to seek improper interests, and violating the principle of fair competition.
6.The reviews contains the information which is not inconsistent with the facts or unable to provide evidence.
7.Reviews are reported and verified to be true that embezzling other people's content and pictures without permission.
8.More than 80% of the content are copied and unable to judge the authenticity of the evaluation.

Review use rights descriptions

When a customer submits a review, it is assumed that the right to use the reviews belongs to both the customer and the Huarenstore. No further notice will be given for the use of the reviews.