Lily bulbs Polygonatum lotus seed Syrup lotus-seed-Syrup

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  • Independent small package, one box at a time, health is easier and simpler
  • Ingredients: Lily, White Lotus Seed, Raw Glutinous Rice, Polygonatum, Longan Meat, Poria, Red Date, Tremella
  • Pure natural ingredients, selected formula, no added, more assured to eat
  • It taste is sweet and thick, suitable for autumn health
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As low as $12.99 Regular Price $19.99

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配料:百合、白莲子、生薏米、玉竹、桂圆肉、枸杞、红枣、银耳 功效:美容、滋阴、润肺、止咳、润肠、清热、润燥
烹煮模式:养生汤/滋补汤模式 烹煮时间:120分钟
禁忌人群:孕妇 适用季节:秋季
保质期:12个月 规格:74g/盒

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