Pinpinxiang 2018 Fuding White Tea White Peony Tea with 3 Years Old Tea Light and Sweet 100g*2

Hand-made A grade white tea
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  • Produced in Fuding, Fujian, the hometown of white tea in China, the tea raw material is high mountain white peony tea.
  • White tea is cool in nature, has the effects of clearing away heat and moisturizing lungs, reducing inflammation and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and fat, eliminating fatigue, etc.
  • Dry tea is dark green in color, with buds and leaves with branches, leaf margins are slightly curled, and silvery white buds are revealed
  • The soup is light orange-yellow, clear and bright, the soup is still visible, the tea soup is sweet and mellow
  • The buds and leaves at the bottom of the leaf are stretched, the leaf is soft and tender, the color is light green and yellow, bright
  • The packaging design uses Chinese red peony elements to symbolize a better life and give good things
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