Lowest Price Guarantee

Guarantee of Lowest Price throughout North America

Lowest Price Guarantee is one of the characteristic service items offered by Huarenstore, which makes sure that customers benefit not only from our high quality services but also a real low price.

When you find a lower price of exactly the same item in another online shop (except eBay):

Before Ordering

We can do price match or give you a same-valued coupon or more within a workday.

After ordering (15-day Price Protection from Order Date)

Huarenstore customers can apply for a price difference refund within 15 days. Once confirmed, we will process refund to your paying credit card in 2 workdays.

How to Apply

Please send email to: [email protected]

Mail Format:
1. Title: Lowest Price Guarantee 
2. Text: Your email should include details such as order number (after ordering), URL link of the price page, screenshot of the exact item price, coupon code (if you have), and your comment and so on.

We will reply to you in a workday.

Special Note: This guarantee will not apply to limited time promotions or clearances (including but not limit flash sales, Anniversary promotion, Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale).


HuarenStore reserves final explanation right