SimpleHH All-in-one 18oz Water Bottle with detachable Bluetooth Audio YH-239

Bluetooth audio; Phone holder
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  • 18 ounce capacity with leak-proof flip lid, durable and compact
  • Water bottle, bluetooth speaker and phone holder 3 in 1 design
  • Double layer polypropylene outer shell for effective heat prevention
  • Designed to prevent rolling from a horizontal position
  • Docking slot fits most smartphones
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Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $35.99

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商品名称:SimpleHH 蓝牙音响智能水杯 型号:YH-239
容量:530ml 杯子样式: 有盖
颜色:荧光绿/天空蓝/可爱粉 主要材质:PP(不含双酚A)
尺寸:830×830×225 mm 用途:水杯、手机支架、蓝牙音响、自拍神器

Product Specifications
●  Activate all the fun
  ○ Its wireless speaker plays music from your smartphone to amp up your tunes, as LED lights pulse to the beat.
  ○ The multi-functional hydration bottle is designed with a unique outer shell that allows it to double as a smartphone stand, and makes it easy to take selfies.
  ○ You can even answer phone calls with the its speaker.
●  User friendly
  ○ Double layer polypropylene outer shell.
  ○ Designed to prevent rolling from a horizontal position.
  ○ Docking slot fits most smartphones.
  ○ Its BPA-free 18 ounce double wall reusable water bottle comes in for healthy hydrating.
Product Details
  ○ Brand:Simple H&H                          ○ Model:YH-239
  ○ Capacity: 18 oz                               ○ Color: green, pink, blue
  ○ Main material:PP(BPA-Free)           ○ Size: 830*830*225 mm
  ○ Usage: water bottle as well as bluetooth audio, snap shot and phone holder

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