TATUNG 11 Cups (uncooked) Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker with Steamer TAC-11T(H)-UL (RED) 4L

Out-of-water Stewing, One-button Control
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  • Out-of-water stewing effectively keeps the nutrition and brings out best flavor 
  • High grade composite materials inner pot ensures healthy cooking
  • Keep warm on/off switch, no need to unplug everytime
  • Heat-resistant silicone handles helps avoid scalding
  • 4l capacity, 11 cups uncooked/22 cups cooked, suitable for 3-6 persons
  • 120V;UL certified; Free shipping delivery within 48 states of the United States!

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Product dimensions
Brand:TATUNG Model No.:TAC-11T(H)-UL
Voltage:120V-60Hz Capcity:4L(5.5 cups uncooked/11 cups cooked)
Rated power:700W Warm power:40W
Suitable for :3- 6 people Control mode: Mechanical
Shape: Round color:Red
Heating: Three-dimensional heating Inner pot:High grade composite Materials
Size(mm):270* 370*310 Warranty: One year
Accessories: user manual, measuring cup, rice spatula, inner pot lid, and steamer plate

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