TIANJI Smart Electric Stew Pot Ceramic Pot Slow Cooker DGD22-22EG

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TIANJI Smart Electric Stew Pot Ceramic Pot Slow Cooker DGD22-22EG <Semi-annual Sale, $15 OFF By Using Coupon:mid015>No. 1 Electric Stewpot, Two Small & One Big Inner Pots

Regular Price: $149.00

Special Price $99.99

  • ★Top selling brand in electric stew pot field
  • ★Out-of-water stewing can effectively keep the nutrition and bring out the best flavor
  • ★Three ceramic inner pots guaratee healthy stewing and satisfy different tastes
  • ★Equipped with steam tray for steaming and stewing simultaneously
  • ★9 cooking menus: Isinglass, Aweto, Meals, Ginseng, Birds nest, Steam, Yogurt, Quick stew, Homely
  • ★Timer and preset function allows you to cook wheneve you want 
  • ★2.2L capacity suitable for 2-4 family members
  • ★ELT certification guarantees the high quality and durability
  • ★120V; Free shipping delivery within 48 states of the United States!
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  • 这炖锅真心不错。 一收到货,我就使用了,炖了排骨和银耳汤,都好好吃!产品确实好用
  • 简直太棒了!款式非常漂亮,超级喜欢!不透钢内胆,绿色环保。操作方便,骨头汤炖出来非常香,肉也软烂,很美味!关键是省时又省心!想喝炖汤,再也不用费时费神的守着,不用担心水烧干了。预约功能也是棒棒的,一早起床就能吃到美味的早餐。真心太棒了!非常好用,主妇的好帮手,谁用谁知道,早买早享受!呵呵!非常满意的一次购物。感谢“华人生活馆”,值得信赖!

DGD22-22EG Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stew pot, slow cooker creates mouth-watering creations that are healthier, lower in cost, and that are sure to lure loved ones back to the table.

Prepare the slow cooker the night before--simply add ingredients into the inner pot(s) and refrigerate overnight. Then, before going to work in the morning, set the inner pot(s) insert into the heating base, secure the lid, turn it on, and set the programmable timer--the slow cooker takes care of the rest. The slow cooker automatically shifts over to a convenient keep-warm mode at the end of the cooking time, which allows food to remain at an ideal serving temperature without over-cooking.

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Overall Average Rating:
92 reviews

81-90 of 92

Maddox 349/12/2016 15/12/2016
  • 评价:
not very good
The sound is big and the others are all right. It's better to give tongs. It's too hot.
JIANHUAN 101/04/2016 11/04/2016
  • 评价:
it is very good pot
JZ 227/08/2016 15/08/2016
  • 评价:
very good product and super good customer service
I have been using this cooker for more than 6 months. I feel that I have got enough to write an unbiased review.

It is a water bath (slow) cooker. It comes with three ceramic pots (all with ceramic top covers). They are one big pot and two small pots. You can either cook a big pot or 2 (yes you can also do 1) small pots at the same time. You cannot cook any small pot together with the big pot at the same time. The small pots are decent for a single serve. The big pot should be enough to reasonably serve 2. The big pot also comes with a ceramic disc split that you can put on the bottom of the big pot. If you are cooking some traditional Chinese soup with many spices, you can put those spices under the disc split so that its ingredients will be absorbed into the soup and you can at the same time enjoy the soup without the disturbance of the spices.

To cook, you want to put tap-water into the cooker first. There is a limit line inside the cooker so that it is easy to know if you have put the correct amount of water. Then you put all the uncooked food in to a ceramic pot and put the ceramic pot into the cooker. Now you can select a cook-function based on the food inside your pot. You can let it start immediately or you can set it to start cooking in anytime within 10 hours.

Depending on the function you select, the function time varies between 30 minutes to 150 minutes. However, it only means the function time. It is NOT the real cooking time. Once you start to cook, the cooker will have to bring the water to a boil before the countdown. Based on my experience, if you put boiling water into the cooker, it takes about 30`40 minutes to start the countdown. If you put cold tap water into the cooker, it takes about 1 hour to start the countdown. That is why I said it is a slow cooker. But it does take time to get a good soup.

Mostly I will put pork short ribs with corn and winter melon to cook the soup. I love it and I feel the cooker worth each penny of it.

When finished, you can put the ceramic pots into the dishwasher. For the cooker, if you didn't put too much water into the pots, the inside of the cooker will be very clean. You only need to simply pour the water out. However, if you put too much water into the pots, the fat (oil) from the inside of the pots may come out of it and make the inside of your cooker greasy. In this case, you have to wash the cooker carefully since you don't want the water to get into the electric cooker (it can get into it through the bottom surface from the outside). To a the greasy cooker, you want to put less water inside the pots. I feel that if there is 1.5 cm space for small pot (or 2 cm for big pot) to spare, you will be fine.

Above are basically everything that I would like to share about the product itself. Now I want to say some about the customer service.

Last month, after about 5 months of usage, I accidentally dropped the ceramic top cover of the big pot and it broke (yeah it happens). I contacted the customer service of the huarenstore and I was hoping if I could purchase the top-cover only as an accessory. To my surprise, this incident was covered as the factory warranty and I received a new ceramic top cover within one week free of charge.

As a summary, I rate the product as very good and the customer service as super.
jwu 342/12/2016 08/12/2016
  • 评价:
Good product
Good product and making good tasty soup.
Connie 280/10/2016 07/10/2016
  • 评价:
Good pot
It is good pot. It makes great food. It save my cooking time too
Jue 172/06/2016 21/06/2016
  • 评价:
It's very good
I cooked with it as soon as I received the pot.Have stewed ribs and sweet tremella. Both of them tasted very well. The pot is great!
Zhuoli 169/06/2016 18/06/2016
  • 评价:
fast delivery
The delivery is fast and I really like the product.
zhaoxiaoling 147/05/2016 27/05/2016
  • 评价:
Like it
The pot is amazing. Very nutritious. The service was good, they help me to solve problems i met when placing the order. I’m lazy to cook soup but with this i can easily make delicious soup! Can’t wait to try the rest functions! Like it!
w***0 146/05/2016 26/05/2016
  • 评价:
Don’t hesitate to buy it
I love this stew pot so much! But it would be better if it has 3 little inner pots(it has 2 little and 1 big). The congee was thick and the dessert was soft. You can just add what you want into it! Don’t hesitate to buy it! Lol
QiB 145/05/2016 25/05/2016
  • 评价:
Awesome Slow cooker!
This is an awesome slow cooker. It worth the money. It is very convenient and can cook nice dessert and soup in 3-4 hours.

81-90 of 92

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TIANJI Smart Electric Stew Pot Ceramic Pot Slow Cooker DGD22-22EG

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